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Closer Cooperation between Yuchai and Bosch to Ensure Output and Supply

       On February 24, Chen Yudong, President of Bosch (China) Investment Ltd., and Wang Weiliang, President of Bosch Powertrain Solutions China and General Manager of Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd., visited Yuchai and met with Li Hanyang, Chairman of Yuchai Group and Yan Ping, Chairman of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., with a discussion on closer cooperation so as to ensure output and supply of Yuchai engines.

       It is known that since January 2021, the Chinese engine industry market has been going strong and has achieved a good start. Driven by the advantages of its products, Yuchai's engine sales have exploded, and it has received orders for more than 160,000 engines, hitting a new high.


       Chen Yudong said that Yuchai is an important strategic partner of Bosch in China. Under the current trend of hot engine orders, Bosch (China) will make every effort to coordinate and deploy resources to support Yuchai in its output and orders and help Yuchai win in the market of China-VI.

       Over the years, Yuchai and Bosch have achieved common development through in-depth cooperation and built a deep friendship between each other; therefore, this enhanced cooperation has also brought the two sides closer together. In the next step, both sides will develop stronger measures and make every effort to ensure that orders are delivered on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, and work together to create greater value for customers.

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