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Synland Tech Exports Clean-energy Power System to the Overseas High-end Market in Batches

Recently, Yuchai Synland Technology Co., Ltd. (Synland Tech) received an important export order from Singapore. This is a batch order for 11.9-meter sightseeing buses equipped with Yuchai range extenders, aiming to support Singapore's efforts to improve its green, energy-saving, and low-carbon travel mode.


Singapore is picturesque, boasting evergreen landscapes and adorned with abundant gardens. The island is renowned for its cleanliness and beauty, earning it the nickname "Garden City". With the implementation of the mutual visa exemption agreement between China and Singapore earlier this year, there has been a surge in Singapore's outbound tourism. As one of the important means of transportation in Singapore, buses are subject to stricter requirements for green and low-carbon travel.


This batch of tourist buses will be equipped with Synland Tech's YCS04+100kW range extender. The range extender is specially designed to cope with complex urban conditions. Under urban and suburban road conditions with frequent speed changes and start/stop operations, the range extender can consistently operate in the high-efficiency zone, and supports energy recovery during braking, thus achieving better fuel economy. Compared to conventional models, the range extender can achieve a fuel saving rate of over 40% under real-world operating conditions, enabling customers to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


Drawing on the core engine technology it has mastered, Synland Tech has developed the range extender system using customized technology. The range extender is equipped with a special engine and integrated alternator, rather than an independent motor. With modular design and autonomous control technology, the range extender features reduced dead weight, and higher operational efficiency and safety. The range extender system features a fuel saving rate approximately 20% higher than the range extender solution with an independent motor in the industry.


The Yuchai range extender can effectively improve a vehicle's flexibility and capacity under complex road conditions, improving the operational efficiency of urban public transport. Therefore, it is very suitable for operation on roads in Singapore.


Synland Tech's range extenders have been widely used in various market segments, including buses, mining trucks, loaders, and forklifts. They have been exported to Macao of China, and various other regions. Under demanding working environments such as mines, ports, and wharfs, these range extenders have demonstrated excellent performance and reliability. With an ultra-high fuel saving rate, they have helped customers cut costs and improve profits. With the successful implementation of Singapore's new energy project, Synland Tech has realized the "go global" strategy for its clean-energy power products. As such, it will further enhance its influence and competitiveness in the international market.

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