Intelligent Manufacturing

Leading enterprises in China's high end equipment manufacturing industry

Overview of China VI Production Line
Yuchai has invested more than CNY 2 billion in fully upgrading the China VI production line, with the aim to build a "black light factory" that is automatic, flexible, information-based, intelligent, green and environment-friendly, and thus realize a qualitative leap in product manufacturing capability and reach the world-class level.
  • High Efficiency
    Light machinery production line, with the rate of 60S/unit and the output of 200,000 units/year
  • Logistics
    100% intelligent logistics distribution to each position of the whole line
  • Intelligence
    Full MES digital coverage, automatic process quality data collection, multi-variety mixed-line production
  • Cost-effective Manufacturing
    More than 80% automation rate of interior assembling, application of high-end equipment for key process, and 100% motor-driven high-accuracy tightening
  • Assembling Environment Upgrading
    Enclosed, constant-temperature, micro-positive pressure workshop
  • National Intelligent Manufacturing Project
    National intelligent manufacturing project: The 600,000 Units/Year Medium and Heavy Engine Cylinder Head Digital Casting Shop Project under the 2013 National Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Development Program jointly undertaken by China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Yuchai passed the national acceptance. The project has been awarded 2 invention patents and 15 utility model patents.
  • Digital Patternless Casting Forming and 3D Printing Technology
    Digital patternless casting forming and 3D printing technology: Yuchai took the lead in applying the 3D printing technology in 2006, and built the Yuchai Rapid Manufacturing Base, a unique state key laboratory for advanced forming technology and equipment, in 2014, realizing the combination of 3D printing technology and digital patternless casting and precision forming technology and forming the new capability of rapid engine manufacturing. Compared to traditional technology development, the cycle is shortened by more than 60%.