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Founded in 2013, Guangxi YiNeng IOT Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (YiNeng for short) is an IoT company affiliated to Yuchai, engaged in the R&D of intelligent terminals, systems and data products for business machines. It is also an innovative technology enterprise that focuses on the construction of digital economy eco-chain of business machines. YiNeng is committed to providing engine manufacturers, OEMs (including vehicle, ship, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery), dealers, maintenance stations, transportation organizations, drivers and other industrial users with intelligent services in the full life cycle of business machines, including machine position monitoring, operating condition monitoring, road spectrum sample, fault warning, power control and energy consumption management. YiNeng currently owns high-quality manufacturing enterprise customers such as Yuchai, Yutong, JAC Motors, Guilin Daewoo Bus and Liutech, more than 230 transportation enterprise customers, more than 100,000 registered users, and more than 40,000 machines connected.

  • 230
    More than 230 large clients
  • 20
    More than 20 product services
  • 3000
    More than 3,000 large clients
  • 10
    More than 100,000 registered platform users
"Smart" Products and Services
Provide data analysis services for product verification, and new product launching tracking.
Smart Research Services
Enable users to track vehicle data collection, monitor real-time engine operation data, analyze fuel consumption on different roads, and assist in product development.
  • Vehicle Tracking
    View vehicle location information and track history.
  • Collection
    View test vehicle distribution, data collection and reporting.
  • Real-time Monitoring
    Monitor real-time engine operation data.
  • Road Spectrum Report
    Analyze the fuel consumption on different roads.
  • Operating Condition Analysis
    View, export, and analyze reported raw operating condition data.
Intelligent Control Services
Provide remote, real-time and hierarchical control engine services to effectively prevent the risk that money taken in for sold commodities cannot be recovered due to malicious arrears.
  • Customers
  • Fields: bus
  • Scope
  • Business
  • Intelligent Control Services
    Remote controlRemote hierarchical control, lock control, unlocking
    Off-line alarmOff-line early warning mechanism for abnormalities, and display of abnormal off-line vehicle
    Remote locatingView machine location information and track history
  • Smart Management Services
    Maintenance managementVehicle fault alert, maintenance alert, maintenance recommendations (optional features)
    Safety managementVehicle driving safety information warning
    Fuel consumption report statistics Fuel Consumption of fleet and vehicle, and analysis of driving behavior
    Travel report statisticsMileage of fleet and vehicle
    Location monitoringCurrent vehicle location, real-time tracking and track playback
  • Smart Connection Services
    Use of ureaMonitoring of engine data flow and identification of vehicle with abnormal urea consumption
    NOx emissionMonitoring of vehicle NOx emission, overrun early warning and alarm
    DPF abnormality monitoringMonitoring of engine data flow and identification of vehicle with abnormal DPF differential pressure
    OBD fault monitoringMonitoring of vehicle mil light conditions and OBD fault conditions
    Vehicle filingConnection to national or local environmental protection platform for new vehicle registration and filing
    Monitoring displayView connected vehicle conditions and emission distribution; real-time monitoring