• Becoming Stronger in Engine Business
    Engine Manufacturing and Industrial Chain:
    Yuchai has a complete range of widely applied engine products covering low-speed, medium-speed and high-speed, light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty and large engines, and always stays ahead in engine emission technology. While realizing specialization and refinement in engines for trucks, buses, passenger vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, locomotives and special vehicles, and marine and G-drive engines, Yuchai is also accelerating the integration of power system to build an interconnected, man-machine interactive and green energy-saving intelligent power supply system.
  • Oriented to Serve the New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain
    New Energy Industry (Electric Power and Automobile) and Related Services:
    With the support of Guangxi Yuchai New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., Guangxi Yuchai New Energy Co., Ltd. and New Energy Power Business Unit of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., Yuchai focuses on the business of new energy vehicle, clean power generation and fuel cell to build the new energy industry chain. Meanwhile, it actively gets involved in the development and production of "three power-related systems" (electric drive, battery and electronic control), to expand new energy vehicle products.
  • Creating Logistics Industry Chain
    Logistics & Supply Chain Services:
    Oriented to support and serve engine manufacturing and industry chain, Yuchai has made efforts to cultivate listed companies, develop financial leasing companies, establish industrial investment funds, participate in investment financial institutions, expand financing channels and platforms, consolidate and expand financial leasing, auto trade, auto after-sales service, logistics, warehousing, distribution and terminal business, develop industrial funds, supply chain finance and logistics industrial parks, so as to create logistics and supply chain services.