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Reports by China Media Group and other mainstream media! Focus on the "Voice of Yuchai" in the Two Sessions

The closing meeting of the second session of the 14th National People's Congress was held in Beijing yesterday. During this year's Two Sessions, Li Haihua, Deputy to the National People's Congress and Senior Principal Engineer of Equipment Intelligent IoT Technology of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai), put forward suggestions on the low-carbon development of internal combustion engines industry and the construction of industrial workforces and shared views on hot topics such as cultivating new quality productivity. These garnered coverage from over ten central and local mainstream media including China Media Group, Xinhuanet, Science and Technology Daily, China Automotive News, Guangxi Radio and Television, and Guangxi Daily.


China Media Group reported Li Haihua's performance of duty in a long section through the "First News at Noon " column of CMG News Radio. It was reported that Li Haihua has been among industrial workers for a long time. He actively studies and uses new technologies and equipment to promote the upgrading and transformation of various production lines in Yuchai, improve the intelligence and digitization of production lines, reduce the labor intensity of industrial workers, and improve production efficiency.


Xinhuanet made a special report on the suggestions of Li Haihua on the convergence media  of the "Two Sessions". It was reported that Li Haihua, as a manufacturing engineer, has been rooted in the front line all year round. With his dedication to the perfection of equipment technology and excellence, he has won the National May 1 Labor Medal, the National Technical Expert, and other awards. Since he was elected as a Deputy to the National People's Congress one year ago, he has devoted himself to in-depth research and has been closely focused on enhancing the skills of industrial workers.


Science and Technology Daily also reported on Li Haihua's job story. According to the report, Li Haihua often goes deep into the production line, pondering how to further improve the technical innovation ability of skilled workers and better help front-line posts solve problems encountered in production. Li Haihua and the strong team of industrial workers behind him are using wisdom and strength to promote implementing the manufacturing power strategy and developing the manufacturing industry in high quality.


Focusing on keywords such as new quality productivity and high-quality development in the government work report, Li Haihua accepted interviews with Science and Technology Daily, Guangxi Radio and Television, and other media, and was a guest on the "Guangxi Cluod X -Xuexi Qiangguo " Interview Room. During these interviews, he said, "We should engrave the gene of innovation into the blood of development, improve the intelligence and digitalization of production lines, cultivate more high-quality and highly-skilled innovation talents, and ignite the new engine of development with new quality productivity."


China Automotive News, China Communications News, and China Energy News reported Li Haihua's suggestions on hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines and the China VII emission standard in the context of hot topics in the industry.


China Taxation News interviewed Li Haihua on his views and suggestions on reducing taxes and fees in the featured column of the Two Sessions. Li Haihua said: "This year's government work report mentions 'carrying out structural tax and fee reduction policies, focusing on supporting technological innovation and the development of the manufacturing sector', which has reassured manufacturing enterprises."

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