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A Special Order: Demonstrating Profound Friendship between Dongfeng Trucks and Yuchai

According to the policy of "pairing-up support for Hubei" established by the National Health Commission, Guangxi was assigned to help Shiyan. Recently, there was a special order that makes Guangxi go hand in hand with Shiyan again with the help of Yuchai and Dongfeng Trucks.

Dongfeng Trucks planned to get back to work on February 14. "Considering the need of special vehicles for guaranteeing the epidemic prevention and control work, we plan to produce the first batch of 25 such special vehicles after resuming production on February 14, so we need to step up the procurement of relevant parts." Gao Yan, Head of Purchasing Division of Dongfeng Trucks, said. Although Dongfeng Trucks just planned to resume production at that time, it must set about preparing corresponding spare parts. Dongfeng Trucks started to contact its suppliers from February 9, hoping that the suppliers could deliver spare parts before February 13.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, many production enterprises have not yet resumed work. Only when the upstream and downstream enterprises have resumed work can the normal operation of the entire industrial chain be guaranteed. "The task is hard and we are pressed for time. Most of the suppliers have not yet resumed work, and transportation to Hubei is also a big difficulty." Gao said.

Engine was the most important assembly part in this procurement work. Dongfeng Trucks has established partnership with Yuchai for a period of 30 years since the 1990s. In consideration of the good cooperation with Yuchai, Dongfeng Trucks sent a procurement plan to Yuchai on February 9. Yuchai was still in a state of shutdown at that time. Gao was worried that Yuchai could not complete the order on schedule, while the final communication with Yuchai took away his worries. "Considering the suppliers of Yuchai's industrial chain may not be in Guangxi, when we sent the procurement plan to Yuchai, we did not expect that Yuchai had prepared corresponding emergency plans. After eliminating corresponding risks, Yuchai gave us a definite answer."

When recalling the production process for the order, an employee of Yuchai told CVzone: "At noon of February 9, the sales staff received an emergency order of producing engines for 25 special vehicles from Dongfeng Trucks. According to the order, the delivery must be completed before February 13. Although the company was on holiday due to the impact of the epidemic, time was life."

Affected by the epidemic, logistics transportation from place to place has not yet been resumed, spare parts are in short supply, and employees have not yet got back to work. To ensure the delivery of twenty-five YC6L engines to Dongfeng Trucks on schedule, Yuchai gathered all its strengths. Upon receipt of the order, Yuchai rapidly coordinated its production, supply and marketing departments, mobilized the Safety and Environmental Protection Department to do a good job in epidemic response, and arranged for the sales, production, procurement and logistics personnel to get back to work in advance. What is more impressive is that to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei, Yuchai readjusted the production sequence of engine and prioritized the supply of production materials of the 25 engines according to the urgency of the sales order.

At 13:30 on February 11, the cylinder block of the first YC6L engine was put on the final assembly line in Yuchai's No. 5 workshop. Yuchai assigned special persons to track the whole line and opened a green channel for Dongfeng Trucks. By February 12, the final assembly of the last engine had been completed, indicating successful completion of the order.

The products came out, how to transport them? It was originally planned to pack the twenty-five YC6L engines and then transport from Guangxi to Shiyan at 3:00 p.m. on February 12. However, as many roads to Hubei have not yet been opened to traffic, transportation by truck is impossible. What to do? Through urgent coordination with the railway transportation department, the Logistics Department of Yuchai packed the twenty-five YC6L engines at 4:00 p.m. on February 12 and loaded them on the train to Shiyan Station, Hubei Province, 2,000 km away from Guangxi. On February 15, the 25 engines were successfully delivered to Dongfeng Trucks. "Yuchai has made great contributions in terms of logistics. After transportation to Hubei, the logistics enterprise has to be quarantined for 14 days, which affects the work of employees to some extent. Yuchai has made great concessions and supports in this regard." Gao told CVzone.

Although Dongfeng Trucks' plan to resume work was eventually delayed, Yuchai's spirit of racing against time to meet the supply needs of Dongfeng Trucks was touching. "Thank Yuchai for its support for Dongfeng Trucks, particularly under such special circumstances. With the continuous development of Dongfeng Trucks and on the basis of 20~30 years of cooperation between both parties, Dongfeng Trucks and Yuchai will further realize win-win cooperation in the future." Gao said. This special order has once again demonstrated the deep friendship between Dongfeng Trucks and its partner.


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