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Revising of an International Standard for Internal Combustion Engines Presided over by Yuchai

On March 10, the Technical Committee on Standardization of Internal Combustion Engines of ISO issued a document, informing that the revised international standard ISO 6826 (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines-Fire Protection) led by Yuchai has been officially approved.

Yuchai has been involved in revising international standards since 2013. This time, Yuchai took the lead in revising an international standard as the main responsible organization, demonstrating Yuchai's strong strength in the international internal combustion engine industry and important role in the construction of standardization system in the international arena.

The Project is headed by Wang Pengcheng, Chief Engineer of Yuchai Heavy Engine Platform and Vice President of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute.

International standards for internal combustion engines are regarded as the cornerstone for industry development and are significant for industry technology upgrading, industry direction adjustment and economic development promotion. Over the years, the world's internal combustion engine industry has been dominated by foreign research and development institutions and enterprises related. With the stricter standards for emission upgrading of internal combustion engines, the advancement of domestic engine technology and the accelerated development of industrial maturity, Chinese internal combustion engine enterprises, represented by Yuchai, are actively participating in the formulation, revising and finalization of international standards for internal combustion engines, which is of great significance to direct entry of Chinese engine products into international markets, elimination of technical barriers in international trade, promotion of technological progress and enhancement of the influence of Chinese brands. With the strong technical strength, Yuchai has promoted the "going global" of Chinese standards, further consolidating China's important role in the formulation of international standards, and substantially enhancing the position and competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the internal combustion engine industry globally.

Yuchai's dominance in the revising of international standards is closely related to the long-term high standards and strict requirements in research and development. Yuchai, relying on national technology platforms such as the National Enterprise Technology Center and the National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient, Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly Internal Combustion Engines, has built up an international leading scientific research position and a unique technological innovation system. The authorized patents owned, the national scientific research projects undertaken and the national science and technology awards won by Yuchai all rank first in China's engine industry.

Especially in recent years, Yuchai has grasped the new opportunities for upgrading the emissions of China VI and T4, devoted itself to the development and application of combustion and emission control technologies in internal combustion engines, broke through international technical barriers, and accumulated rich experience in internal combustion engine fire protection technology in the process of promoting and applying nonmetallic materials, electrification accessories, high-pressure fuel systems and efficient aftertreatment systems. Accordingly, Yuchai's proposal to revise the international standard "Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines-Fire Protection" has been fully recognized by international peers.

Up to now, Yuchai has participated in the formulation, revising and finalization of 84 international, national and industrial standards for internal combustion engines, with a leading role in the industry.

(By Xiao Gang, Luo Zhijian and Liang Pingping)

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