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Yuchai Wins the First Prize of 2019 Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award

According to the Decision on 2019 Science and Technology Awards recently issued by the People's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yuchai won the first prize of Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award for its "Key Technology Development and Industrialization Project of Ultra-low Emission Diesel Engine Airway and Mold" with the highest score.

The award for the project represents full recognition and commendation of the achievements made by the diesel engine airway and mold science and technology team led by Chen Jinyuan, Senior Technical Advisor of the President of Yuchai, through painstaking research on their posts. Yuchai won the award for its basic research technology project, realizing "three firsts" of the award for Yuchai's basic core technology: For the first time, Yuchai won the prize with its chief skill master as the first person-in-charge; for the first time, Yuchai won the first prize of Guangxi Science and Technology Progress Award with the highest score, ranking first; for the first time, Yuchai won a high-level award for its basic research technology and process technology project.

Compared with the previous awards for the research and development projects of model products, this award has a greater demonstration effect on Yuchai's basic research and manufacturing technology innovation, and highlights the great significance of Yuchai's research on basic technology and manufacturing technology in the development of Guangxi's machinery industry.

The project is a major scientific and technological project completed by Chen Jinyuan's team through long-term innovative and technological researches based on massive technical data accumulated. In combination with the needs of Yuchai's scientific and technological progress, the project yields a set of scientific theories suitable for the development and optimization of Yuchai's diesel engine airway system and a special digital design and development system of airway. Through continuous research on the testing and evaluation methods of twin vortex of airway, the project achieves breakthroughs in a series of key technologies (including mold, casting and machining) for industrialization, solving the "bottleneck" of diesel engine airway technology and breaking the monopoly by foreign countries.

Since 1995, Yuchai's airway technology team has been committed to tackling key problems in airway technology, realizing the development from two-valve airway to four-valve airway, from China III products to China VI products, from manual manufacturing to digital manufacturing, and from traditional processing to 3D printing. With the spirit of doing a good job with undivided attention, the team has formed an integrated airway system design, measuring and manufacturing technology over the past 25 years, providing a strong guarantee for the energy saving and emission reduction of engines and the Blue Sky Protection Campaign.

(Zhou Liangjian)

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