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Yuchai Passes the Acceptance Examination to the Title of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise

Yuchai has recently passed the acceptance examination to the title of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise with a high score. Since December 2016 when Yuchai was recognized as a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise by the State Intellectual Property Administration, Yuchai has taken the "patent strategic planning implementation plan" as its goal and actively promoted various work according to standards and requirements, in order to gradually realize standard intellectual property management and improve the effectiveness of intellectual property.

From 2016 to 2018, Yuchai established and improved its intellectual property management system, strengthened intellectual property management, and carried out patent retrieval, analysis, layout, etc. of key projects. According to the research and development requirements of new products, it collaborated actively with cooperating agencies to carry out retrieval and layout of two special projects, namely, hybrid powertrain and China VI. Through retrieval analysis and patent novelty and inventiveness evaluation for technical schemes of the two projects, patent layout and retrieval analysis report has been completed respectively, and 53 hybrid powertrain system patents have been applied for. Through in-depth layout for the 7 core systems including China VI cylinder block system, cylinder head system, cooling system, lubrication system, forced ventilation system, exhaust gas recirculation system and after-treatment system, 173 China VI patents have been applied for. In addition, Yuchai has also provided patent layout and applied for patents for e-MCVT power system for general purpose engine, complete high-power V-type engine for marine electric equipment, crankshaft structure and key technical systems, as well as NEV ECVT, fuel cell and electric drive axle systems. Patent layout of head unit, general purpose engine, marine electric equipment and NEV has laid a foundation for the cultivation of Yuchai's subsequent high-value patents. From 2016 to 2018, Yuchai applied for 2,564 patents, including 1,011 invention patents and 19 PCT patents.

The title of "national intellectual property demonstration enterprise" is the highest honor that the state gives to enterprises for their outstanding creation, application, protection and management of intellectual properties, and is the highest evaluation that the state gives to enterprises for their intellectual property management.

(Wu Ke)

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