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Yuchai Ranked the Top Five in China According to the Latest Evaluation Results Released by National Enterprise Technology Center

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission released the 2019 evaluation results of the National Enterprise Technology Center. Among the 1563 participating enterprises, Yuchai ranked the top five domestically with an excellent score of 96.8, ranking first in the industry, ranking only after internationally renowned enterprises such as Huawei, and creating the best ranking in the engine industry in the ranking of the National Enterprise Technology Center.

Since its establishment for more than 60 years, Yuchai has always adhered to the innovation and development strategy. Relying on national technology platforms such as the National Enterprise Technology Center and the National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient, Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly Internal Combustion Engines, Yuchai has built up an international leading scientific research position and a unique technological innovation system.

Especially in recent years, Yuchai has grasped the new opportunities for emission upgrading of China VI and T4, and has been committed to the development and application of leading field of combustion and emission control technologies in internal combustion engines, breaking through international technical barriers. Actively extending to the upstream and downstream of the engine industry, pushing parts products to continuously extend to key parts such as sensors, aftertreatment systems, axles and other high-value-added emerging products such as electrical component systems, Yuchai has formed a high-quality equipment manufacturing system with integrated development of "parts - complete machines - terminals".

Through reform and innovation, Yuchai has an entirely new look of its development pattern, and its second venture has entered the harvest period: it has established a high-end product structure of "traditional energy power+new energy power" comparable to the first-class products in the world, built an intelligent manufacturing system conforming to German industry 4.0, and established a high-end industrial cooperation pattern with the first-class enterprises in the world such as MTU and Eberspaecher. The total number of authorized patents, the number of national scientific research projects undertaken by the company, the number of national standards participating in the formulation and revision, and the number of national science and technology awards won by the company all rank first in China's engine industry.

(Cao Wanwan)

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