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Yuchai Makes High-quality Green Engines the Mainstream in Light Truck Industry under China VI Emission Standard

Seize the opportunity and we can win the future. With the gradual implementation of the China VI emission standard, a new round of shuffle began in the market of commercial vehicles. This is also true for the power market. Those who can keep up with the pace of or overtake vehicle manufacturers in the development under China VI emission standards will be those who can seize the high ground and win the opportunity of development.

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Group) constantly leading the industry in terms of emission upgrading has undoubtedly become the provider of mainstream green engines for logistics transportation equipment. On November 30, the conference themed on "Launching of Beijing VI with Full Trust" for launching new Beijing VI products was held by the DFAC Light Truck Factory. In the vehicle exhibition area on site, several types of brand-new upgraded DFAC Beijing VI light trucks were equipped with Yuchai engines to help realize green transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Why did DFAC Light Truck Factory opt for Yuchai Group as partner to handle the challenge of China VI emission standard. Huang Yi, Secretary of the Party Committee of sales company of Yuchai Group as the company representative showed on the conference for release of new products and was interviewed by the reporter from Commercial Vehicle News.

Yuchai with perfect pace launching the China VI products just in time

All four types of DFAC China VI light trucks made an appearance on this conference. Among them, the most eye-catching is the upgraded DFAC Duolika Ruineng version that is equipped with Yuchai China VI engine YCY24 or YCS04, allowing the trucks to enter the stage of China VI b at a time.

According to the official document of Beijing government namely the Comments on Fully Strengthening Protection of Ecological Environment and Fighting the Battle Against Pollution in Beijing, the China VI (b) emission standard will be implemented for heavy diesel vehicles in the public bus and environmental protection industries from July 2019, and for other vehicles from 2020.

Just several months after Beijing launched the China VI b emission standard in an all-round manner, DFAC Light Truck Factory together with Yuchai Group released a full series of China VI new products, which is just the right time.

Huang Yi told the reporter that the story of Yuchai with DFAC Light Truck Factory began a long time ago, and they had cooperated for 16 years since 2003. Up to now, a total number of more than 230,000 DFAC light commercial vehicles equipped with Yuchai engines are running across the country. Yuchai has established strategic cooperation with DFAC Light Truck Factory ever since the stage of China III. In the stages of China IV and China V, DFAC light trucks equipped with Yuchai engines have won the championship several times on the China International Truck Fuel Saving Competition. Entering the stage of China VI, DFAC Light Truck Factory was one of the first enterprises to plan the use of Yuchai engines on the China VI platform. Both parties have realized co-development and simultaneous commercialization of China VI products.

All this is because Yuchai has accurately mastered the development pace of China VI products. Yuchai has developed the first China VI heavy diesel engine that has passed all type test items. A total of 9 series of China VI diesel engines along with a total of 6 series of China VI gas engines except K05N have been registered in the database of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China with relevant information released in the Ministry of Ecological Environment.

"Thanks to Yuchai's preparation in advance and ahead of vehicle manufacturers, Yuchai is able to meet the schedule of vehicle manufacturers, thus realizing simultaneous commercialization of China VI products." Huang Yi said.

Awesome products winning the recognition of users and vehicle manufacturers

All series of DFAC Duolika Ruineng versions launched this time are equipped with Yuchai engines. Among them, Duolika D6-N and Duolika D6-L are equipped with engine YCY24 while Duolika D8 is equipped with engine YCS04.

These two engine models are both very mature China VI products of Yuchai and have both been launched in batches. With a displacement of 2.4 L and a maximum power of 140 Hp, the engine YCY24 can provide a maximum output torque of 400 Nm within a speed range of 1,400-2,000 rpm. Based on the technical route of high-pressure common rail+EGR+DOC+DPF+SCR, it meets the China VI emission standard and is characterized by light weight, low fuel consumption and quick acceleration. According to introduction, this engine is composed of light-weight parts and components such as aluminum cylinder heads. Compared with the last generation of Yuchai engines with the same power, it is 80 kg lighter. With the adoption of double overhead camshafts, its fuel consumption is lower and acceleration is quicker.

The engine YCS04 is a model developed on the mature YC4S diesel engine platform. It is more reliable with a power range of 140~200 Hp, a displacement of 4.16 L and the same light weight advantage. According to introduction, it is 100 kg lighter than the engine YC4EG-50 with the same power. This model, an integrated design, has a lower fault rate and its maintenance period is as long as 60,000 km. What's more, some parts and components are exchangeable with those of YC4S-50, which means a low maintenance cost.

On May 21 this year, an overweight light truck using a blue license aroused the attention of the whole industry, making light-weight products popular. A light dead weight of an engine has become an advantage valued by both users and vehicle manufacturers. The above mentioned two engines are both light-weighted and have a low fault rate thanks to their double overhead camshafts. Moreover, with low fuel consumption, they have obvious advantage among medium- and light-weight trucks. Therefore, it is understandable that they are well recognized by the vehicle manufacturers such as DFAC Light Truck Factory and the users. Huang Yi revealed that more than 1,000 DFAC Duolika China VI products equipped with Yuchai engines have been sold. Among them, about 400 were sold in the Beijing market.

With a surge of orders, Yuchai takes the lead in the era of China VI

The close cooperation with DFAC Light Truck Factory is just one of many cases of Yuchai in the era of China VI. In 2019, numerous commercial vehicles are equipped with Yuchai China VI engines. The application of vehicle announcements, development of ancillary products and tests with engines installed have been basically completed. With the sales rising, Yuchai China VI engines have been a big hit since they are launched in the market in September.

As stated by Huang Yi, up to now, the order of Yuchai China VI engines has amounted to 28,000 sets, among which there are more than 22,000 sets of truck engines and 6,000 sets of bus engines. The China VI gas engines are especially eye-catching. The order of gas engines for heavy trucks has exceeded 12,000 sets and is still increasing rapidly.

Huang Yi said that for example, in the light truck industry, Yuchai has cooperated with several mainstream light truck enterprises such as Foton Ollin and DFAC Light Truck to help gradually launch their China VI products in the market. Moreover, the medium- and light-weight trucks with gas engines have great potential in the market. The DFAC light trucks equipped with Yuchai China VI gas engines were launched not long ago.

In the era of inventory competition, every bit of growth is hard-earned. With the coming of China VI, higher requirements need to be satisfied. In the era of China VI, Yuchai with its competitive products and services, is making every effort to provide the users with products that meet the industrial standards and the market needs, thus leading in the upgrading of engines in the light truck industry and injecting more vitality for the development of the industry.

(Source: Commercial Vehicle News Written by: Yu Chunyu)

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