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Yuchai Signs Agreement with MTU (Germany) for Expanding Strategic Cooperation

On June 18, Yuchai and MTU (Germany) reached a consensus on expanding strategic cooperation and signed relevant cooperation agreement to make clear that both parties will further expand cooperation fields and enhance core competitiveness together.  Chen Wu, President of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region attended the signing ceremony.

By signing the agreement, Yuchai and MTU (Germany) both agreed to follow the development strategy for German Industry 4.0 and grasp new opportunities; further leverage advantages of both parties in technologies, production, market, services and other aspects; fully tap cooperation potential and expand cooperation and product platforms as well as product application market; vigorously extend value chain of the joint venture and multi-dimensionally satisfy the demands of market of high-end customers.

As stated by Chen Wu, Guangxi Government will fully support cooperation of both parties, for example, by providing corresponding policy support for the joint venture in terms of factory land, taxation and other aspects, and hope that the joint venture will accelerate localization of production for a win-win future of both parties.  Meanwhile, he expected Yuchai to grasp the cooperation opportunity to constantly enhance its core competitiveness and advantages, and advance mutually beneficial cooperation with MTU and other German enterprises so as to offer more helpful and exemplary experience for enterprises in Guangxi to "go global".

It is reported that ever since cooperation began, MTU Yuchai Power Company Limited, the joint venture of Yuchai and MTU has been dedicated to providing high-end, high-speed and high-power engines and high-quality services for customers according to the highest standards and based on the best technologies, yielding fruitful results. The S4000 engine manufactured by the joint venture filled the blank of domestic high-end, high-speed and high-power diesel engines of 1,000 kW and above.  At present, MTU Yuchai Power Company Limited is able to manufacture and supply in batches, and is participating in domestic and international market competition with high-end engine products.

(Liang Pingping)

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