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Yuchai will Deepen Multi-Energy Power Cooperation with AVL

On June 19, Yuchai and AVL carried out friendly exchanges in Austria. Both parties reached a number of important consensuses on deepening the cooperation between China VI and new energy power. Huang Haikun, the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Yulin, attended the exchange meeting.

At the exchange meeting, Yan Ping, the Chairman of Yuchai Group and Helmut List, the Chairman and CEO of AVL Company exchanged views on the development trend of commercial vehicle power in the future, and conducted in-depth discussion on key product cooperation projects such as China VI engines and new energy power. Both parties expressed the willingness to further expand the depth and breadth of cooperation with each other, especially in the field of new energy power, to strengthen technical exchanges and expand overseas markets, and provide customers with higher quality and diversified power solutions together.

Huang Haikun expressed his congratulations on the fruitful achievements by cooperation between Yuchai and AVL. He believed that the cooperation between Yuchai and AVL was a model for foreign exchange, corporation and mutual learning of Guangxi's enterprises. Both parties have jointly developed the world's leading engines and new energy power, becoming a benchmark for cooperation among multinational enterprises in the industry. Huang Haikun hoped that both parties would continue to strengthen exchanges and consolidate cooperation in the future, and expressed that the municipal party committee and municipal government of Yulin would fully support the cooperation between both parties.

During this meeting, Huang Haikun et al. also visited the Yuchai fuel cell power system, which was being subject to bench calibration test at AVL.

(Chen Yinghui)

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