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Yuchai Signs Cooperation Agreement with Bosch with Chen Wu, President of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as Witness

From June 15 to 17, Chen Wu, President of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region met with representatives of industrial and commercial enterprises in Germany.  During this period, President Chen Wu accompanied by Yan Ping, President of Yuchai Group, visited Bosch Group and witnessed the signing of cooperation agreement by and between Yuchai and Bosch.

Chen Wu hoped that by establishing close cooperation and signing the cooperation agreement, Yuchai and Bosch could realize deepened and integrated development in intelligent manufacturing, natural gas, new energy and other fields. He also praised Yuchai for its international strategic move.

As strategic cooperation partners, Yuchai and Bosch have broadened and deepened their cooperation in quality, technologies, projects, supply chain, culture and other fields.  A total of 11 sessions of the Summit Forum have been co-hosted by Yuchai and Bosch. Under the China VI emission standards, both parties will further deepen cooperation and make greater advances in development with joint efforts.

(Chen Yinghui)

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