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A Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed by and between Yuchai Group and Huawei

On June 14, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed by and between Yuchai Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huawei") in Shenzhen for strategic cooperation in R&D, informatization, internationalization and enterprise management, so as to drive the business development of both parties. Yan Ping, Chairman of Yuchai Group and Yan Lida, BG President of Huawei have attended the signing ceremony to witness the agreement signing.

As agreed, Yuchai and Huawei will give full play to their strengths for comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in enterprise management reform, business process reengineering, 5G, new energy, intelligent transportation, smart park, cloud computing, big data, enterprise data center, photovoltaic inverter and international business development. This cooperation will be conducive to mutual appreciation of products of both parties and help to provide customers with more intelligent and diversified services for win-win outcome.

Reportedly, Yuchai, as a corporate champion in the industry of internal combustion engine, follows the trend of intelligent development. It plans to invest RMB 5.2 billion in creating a new generation of China VI engine with higher efficiency in energy saving and environmental friendliness and building a more intelligent plant from 2018. It seizes the opportunity of emission upgrading of China VI engine to make business internationalization possible. Currently, at the crucial stage of intelligent transformation of information system for R&D of Yuchai's China VI engine and establishment of production lines, Yuchai expects to further technical cooperation with Huawei in reform of R&D system, digitization and construction of intelligent plant, for continuous enhancement of its capabilities related to service, management and system, and comprehensive competitiveness and deep integration of emerging technologies such as big data, 5G, cloud computing and mobile interconnection into traditional manufacturing. Yuchai hopes to be assisted to achieve strategic transformation and constantly lead the new era of China VI engines and to better address the customer's needs.

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