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Yuchai Group Sustainability Report 2018 Released Typically in Guangxi

On June 12, the press conference of Guangxi corporate social responsibility report was held in Liyuan Resort, Nanning, where Yuchai Group Sustainability Report 2018 was released typically. This is the 12th year in a row that Yuchai publishes its sustainability report, which demonstrates the good image of Yuchai to actively fulfill its social responsibility.

This conference was jointly sponsored by the Industry and Information Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Confederation of Guangxi's Enterprises and Employers. Wang Chunwei, President of the Confederation of Guangxi's Enterprises and Employers served as the host of the conference. Themed by "fulfilling our social responsibilities and creating a beautiful Guangxi", the conference brought 66 enterprises together to release their social responsibility report 2018 in public. The enterprises releasing social responsibility report hit a new record in number and expanded again in coverage.

At the conference, Yuchai Group Sustainability Report 2018 was released. The report reveals that Yuchai discloses its social responsibility performance according to the GRI Standards for Sustainability Report. Directly under the autonomous region, Yuchai has the obligation and responsibility to fulfill its social responsibility and manage the corporate social responsibility by more stringent standards. Adhering to the business philosophy of "green development and all-win harmony", Yuchai actively implements its social responsibility and makes positive efforts in sale and R&D of green products, advancement of new energy and environmental and energy-saving industries, intelligent manufacturing, application of green processes and materials, supply system integration, environmental governance and cyclic re-manufacturing, for the purpose of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. Meanwhile, Yuchai has engaged in extensive public service activities to render benefits for all.

Chen Kemeng, Deputy Director-general of the Industry and Information Technology Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has issued the Certificate for Releasing Social Responsibility Report in Guangxi for 8 typical releasing companies including Yuchai.

The region-wide corporate social responsibility reports released in a centralized way have a higher readability, disclosure more comprehensive information, and take a great part in communication. The leading consciousness and sense of responsibility of Yuchai have elicited strong reactions. Participants in the conference have selected the publication of Yuchai Group Sustainability Report 2018 as a "textbook" for social responsibility management. Wang Chunwei, President of the Confederation of Guangxi's Enterprises and Employers highly affirmed Yuchai's research on sustainability management and responsibility undertaking. After the conference, Yuchai's social responsibility implementation has been specially interviewed by News Channel of Guangxi TV.

About 180 persons attending the conference, including experts and scholars from relevant departments, colleges and universities and research institutes of the autonomous region, leaders of report releasing companies and representatives of Industry and Information Committee, industry association and news media of all related cities.

(Zhao Yinghua)

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