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Yuchai Engines Stage A Shinning Debut at MEE

From March 5 to 7, the annual MEE was held grandly in Dubai International Exhibition Center. Yuchai took part in the Exhibition with YC6TD and YC4D, two high cost-effective engines.

The Yuchai YC6TD engine is adapted to 600 kW Units and adopts electronic control technology, with high power density, low fuel consumption rate, compact structure and high reliability. The Yuchai YC4D engine is a classic power product developed by Yuchai. It has the advantages of being reliable and durable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, with compact structure, strong transient loading capability and good maintainability.

Yuchai products are widely recognized, and the popularity of the products abroad has been rising constantly. The holding volume of the engines in the Middle East market is growing rapidly, especially the high horsepower engines with doubled holding volume, are widely used. During the exhibition, well-known OEMs from the Middle East have come to Yuchai's booth to visit the exhibits and discuss about cooperation.

Radiating Africa, Europe and Central Asia, MEE is the world's most influential professional exhibition which has attracted world-class power generation equipment suppliers and customers to participate and has been rated as one of the world's five major industrial activities.

(Chen Baoqi)

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