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Yuchai Powers NPC and CPPCC for 16 Years with its Unremitting Efforts

With spring in the air, the second session of the 13th National People's Congress and the second session of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference are set to open in Beijing on March 5 and March 3, 2019 respectively. During the two sessions, China's self-owned auto brands will provide the transportation service, with engines from Yuchai Machinery, a veteran who has powered the two-session buses quietly for 15 years.

Yuchai started to power the commuter vehicles of the two sessions in 2004 and has rich experience in ensuring their smooth running with a mature set of service procedures for the NPC and CPPCC. As early as in the end of 2018, Yuchai began to prepare for the two sessions in this year. Following the 10th day of the Spring Festival, came the intense vehicle inspection phase. On February 28, the mission of receiving NPC deputies officially began. "With inspecting the two-sessions vehicles, we mainly rely on software testing and hardware checking. We use computers to check whether the vehicle has abnormal data and other conditions. Externally, we use visual inspection mainly to see whether there is a crack in the belt, water leakage, oil leakage, etc.” said Zhang Jianjun, manager of Yuchai's Service Office Beijing. Not only there is an inspection phase before the meeting, but steps are taken to guarantee the normal operation of bus engines during the two sessions. To safeguard the two-session vehicles, Yuchai has set up four special support groups with about 20 members, consisting of engineers, mechanics personnel, mobile teams, commanders, and resource coordinators. In addition to provide stand-by service during the two sessions, the support groups will also inspect the vehicles together with the drivers before they knock off at designated stations every day. This year is the second time that Zhang Jianjun has participated in safeguarding the traffic service for the NPC and CPPCC. Although there may not be any problems throughout the two sessions, "everyone must stay alert and ready at all times."

Shouqi Group, which provides transportation guarantee for the two sessions, has been cooperating with Yuchai since 2006. "The cooperation with Yuchai started from Yutong 6860 in 2006. At present, all our diesel buses over 7 meters long are fitted with Yuchai engines. Last year we updated our vehicles with 200 Yuchai engines, and we may need more of them this year." said Zhang Bin, deputy director of Tengyu Bus Repair Plant of Beijing Shouqi (Group) Co., Ltd. Since the two sides started cooperation in 2006, Shouqi Group has witnessed the growth of Yuchai. Having dealt with Yuchai engines for decades, Yang Jing, director of Tengyu Bus Repair Plant, clearly expressed his most intuitive impression of Yuchai: "We have cooperated with Yuchai for so many years, and their engines have never failed the vehicle."

Over these years of cooperation, Shouqi has felt the quality of Yuchai engines, and Yuchai has won Shouqi's trust with its reliable products. In the 16th year of its service guarantee for the NPC and CPPCC, Yuchai engines still provide stable power for the delegates-transporting vehicles. At the two sessions, Shouqi Group and Baic Group have 248 buses of over 8 meters long involved in the transportation guarantee for the two sessions, of which 235 are equipped with Yuchai engines, accounting for more than 95% of the total. The 135 buses of over 8 meters long from Shouqi Group are all equipped with Yuchai engines, all of which are YC6L and YC6J that meet the Beijing V standard. If it weren't for the deep trust established between the two sides in daily operation, then in such major events as the NPC and CPPCC, Shouqi Group would not have decided to use models fitted with Yuchai engines for all its two-session buses of more than 8 meters long. In the daily operation and maintenance of vehicles, Yuchai also often provides technical guidance to the repair factory of Shouqi Group. Zhang Bin said: "I am quite touched especially in the service of Yuchai engines. Yuchai has made great efforts in both technical consultation and spare parts supply. Mr. Zhang, a Yuchai manager, often comes here for vehicle maintenance. He also provides some technical guidance and spare parts support for some field repairs we undertake. Even if it was the driver's problem, Yuchai would still actively cooperate with us to find out the cause."

As we know, it is unremitting effort that matters. It is exactly because Yuchai has given its customers the impression of excellent quality and timely service guarantee through its daily operations, that the customers have chosen to rely on Yuchai's engines to provide transportation service for such major events as the two sessions.


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