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Yuchai Machinery focuses on resolving key problems to upgrade manufacturing power

On November 27, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) held the Meeting on Manufacturing Technology Capacity Improvement. Based on the development situation of international and domestic manufacturing technologies, the meeting made a summary of the company's manufacturing power in fields such as fast manufacturing, materials, casting, processing, assembly and digital manufacturing, found out the advantages and gaps, and arranged the work for the next period.

With the application of advanced technologies such as numerical control, computer technology and network information technology and their gradual penetration into the field of machine building, manufacturing technologies have developed with each passing day, and new technologies such as virtual manufacturing, additive manufacturing, robotics and networked manufacturing have developed and been applied constantly. Now Yuchai's overall manufacturing capacity is above the average at home, but still far below advanced international standards and behind advanced domestic enterprises.

Facing the current weaknesses and gap, Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery, required that efforts should be made to work out the overall plan for manufacturing power improvement, make overall arrangement, work step by step and overtake opponents progressively. He stressed that the successive advent of the stage of national IV emission of vehicle diesel engines and the stage of T3 emission of non-vehicle engines, and our products' entry into higher-end markets will pose higher requirements for product quality. Manufacturing power improvement is a systematic project closely related to other systems such as R & D, production and marketing systems, thus coordination should be enhanced. Besides, manufacturing level improvement should be advanced in parallel with lean improvement. Manufacturing power improvement is not merely reflected in equipment, it includes hardware strength and software strength. In terms of hardware, we should follow the principle of "applicability" instead of blindly pursuing advancement; in terms of software, we should strive for the best.

Experts from entities such as Tianyong Mechatronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Advanced Manufacture Technology Center, China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology, SinterCast Beijing and W-Ibeda High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. introduced the trends of world cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and equipment. Staff of the Manufacturing Technology Department of Yuchai Machinery including Chen Jinyuan, Huang Chuangang, Li Zhangli and Feng Wenbin introduced the international and domestic development situation of fields such as fast manufacturing, materials, casting, processing, assembly and digital manufacturing, as well as Yuchai's technical level in relevant fields.

(Huang Zhirong)

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