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Yuchai donates 180,000 yuan for "Spring Bud Program" in support of 600 destitute girls

On December 1, Yuchai 2014 "Spring Bud Program" Donation Ceremony took place at the auditorium of the Party School of the CPC Yulin Municipal Committee. On behalf of the supported girls, Ni Huikuan, vice chairwoman of the Yulin Women's Federation, received the donation of 180,000 yuan from Guo Deming, deputy Party secretary of Yuchai Group.

On behalf of the supported girls, Ni Huikuan (L) received the donation from Guo Deming (L)

Since 2006, Yuchai Group has taken an active part in the poverty-alleviating and student-aiding "Spring Bud Program" organized by the All-China Women's Federation. By raising the fund internally, Yuchai has donated for over 4,600 destitute girls in Yulin. This year, Yuchai issued a grant of 300 yuan (180,000 in total) to Yulin's 600 destitute girls each.

(Shen Jiajin)

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