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Yuchai's interview group enters Vietnam to seek overseas market development

On November 27, a four-member interview group of Yuchai Group wrapped up their visit to the Vietnamese market. To publicize Yuchai's overseas market performance, the group visited three vehicle plants, three service partners, parts distributors and terminal customers from November 19 to survey Yuchai Machinery's performance, existing problems and market potential in Vietnam's truck, bus, ship and service segments. This is the first time that Yuchai has organized an interview group to enter an overseas market.

The interview group posed with Chinese staff in Vietnam including Tang Haidong (3rd L), director of Yuchai Vietnam Office

Yuchai has established 14 overseas offices. Of these offices, Vietnam Office is Yuchai's first overseas office as well as an overseas office with the largest sales and market inventory. The office has created many records of Yuchai and is of great referential significance to the development of other overseas markets. Since this January, the total engine sales of the regions administered by Vietnam Office, i.e. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, have exceeded 10,000 units and are expected to hit a new high. What has driven the office to achieve such encouraging results? How is the performance of Yuchai engines in the Vietnamese market? What is Yuchai's development trend in Vietnam? With these questions, the interview group embarked upon the trip of Vietnam.

The interview group interviewed Vietnam's second-largest truck manufacturer TMT

The interview group visited Yuchai's consolidated parts storage in Vietnam

The interview group traveled from south to north in Vietnam, covering cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ninh Binh, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh. They interviewed TMT Company, Yangtze Auto Works, Seagull Automobile Company, Yuchai's general parts agent in Vietnam--Antai Automobile Company, Saigon Public Transport Company and Foton Vietnam Office, went on board the large Yuchai-powered cruise liners to interview Yuchai's partners and shoot the performance of Yuchai engines.

The interview group will publish a special on Yuchai engines' performance in Vietnam's truck, bus, ship and service segments on domestic mainstream media and internal media, telling readers the stories behind the encouraging sales of Vietnam Office.

(Song Yonggeng/Liang Pingping)

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