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YRDC Vice President Feng Jing attends "Guangxi's Successful Women in Universities"

On November 27, Dr. Feng Jing, vice president of Yuchai R & D Center (YRDC) attended "Guangxi's Successful Women in Universities" at the invitation. She expected female university students to position them accurately and study in a down-to-earth and persistent manner to make their life brilliant.

Feng Jing (2nd L) was speaking

According to the source, jointly organized by the All-China Women's Federation and the Ministry of Education, "Successful Women's in Universities" is aimed to "carry forward women's spirit of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement and motivate female university students". By giving full play to successful women's charisma and model in the ideological construction of female university students, the event serves contemporary female university students' development needs and promotes the fast growth of female talents.

In the event, Feng's image as a beautiful intellectual doctor of engineering impressed many university students deeply. In the Q & A session, the students scrambled to raise questions to Feng. From the perspectives of personal experience and human resources management, she answered the students' questions. She thought women and men in today's society enjoy equal employment opportunities as they are educated equally, are enrolled by universities with the same scores and graduate with similarly outstanding academic results, contemporary female university students must be self-confident, self-reliant and self-motivated and should never look down upon themselves in studies and life. Also, she told female university students to guard against arrogance in studies and life, improve their learning ability, advance with the times and keep the passion for innovation.

(Tian Linxia)

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