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Yuchai Group holds "Green Mind" Reading Forum

On November 27, the workshop of Engine Plant 5 under Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) was immersed in a rich atmosphere of reading. Yuchai Group's "Green Mind" Reading Forum was held here, at which over 150 grass-roots workers shared their joy of reading. Corporate leaders including Guan Min, vice president of Yuchai Group; Guo Deming, deputy Party secretary of Yuchai Group and Qin Xiaohong, chief economic manager of Yuchai Machinery were present.

The forum opened with a PPT speech contest. Based on typical cases, five contestants including Zhang Yun, Li Dianyi, Jiang Xiaoqing, Wei Xiangfei and Li Xiaojing shared their experience of reading books such as Practice, Deng Xiaoping at the Turning Point of History and Sunny Mood.

"Develop a sunny mood and pool internal strength in support of the second startup", "Be optimistic, live at present, get rid of anxiety and be the master of time", "Conduct lean management, find gaps, define the direction of improvement, find solutions and suit remedies to cases", "Learn to appreciate others' merits and be a person with a beautiful mood, you will be more beautiful." The most impressive session--"Reading Salon" pushed the forum to the climax. Six guests including Li Xuewen, vice general manager of the Engineering Management Department of Yuchai Group; Lin Jiejun, secretary of the Party General Branch of Engine Plant 2; Deng Xiaoqun, deputy secretary of the Party General Branch of Yuchai R & D Center; Zhu Guangqian, assistant to manufacturing director of the Enterprise Management Department; Liang Qiang of the Manufacturing Improvement Department and Cheng Jiaojiao, secretary of the League Committee of Yuchai Heavy Industry Company Limited aired their unique views on "how to develop a green mind to convey positive energy" and "how to deal with the 'second startup'", arousing bursts of applause.

Guo spoke at the forum. He considered reading as spiritual pursuit. The purposes of reading are leisure and entertainment, information acquisition and improving comprehensive ability. The levels of reading include basic reading, explanatory reading, analytical reading and thematic reading. As reading is good to life, we must read every day.

Since the beginning of the "Green Mind" reading activity, grass-roots Party organizations under Yuchai Group have carried out the activity in various forms and organized workers for the PPT speech contest, thus setting off a reading fever. At the forum, the award-winning collectives and individuals were commended.

(Mei Changfu)

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