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Yuchai wins four awards of 5th "Jinggeng Cup"

On November 29, the China Agricultural Mechanization Development Forum & 5th "Jinggeng Cup" Award Ceremony organized by the Agricultural Mechanization Branch of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery and was held at permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia in Hainan, bringing together over 750 guests from the agricultural machinery industry. Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. and Huang Weishu, vice general manager of Yuchai Sales Co., Ltd., attended the forum and award ceremony.

The 5th "Jinggeng Cup" was themed "Serving China's agricultural mechanization with intelligence and diligence" and presented 14 awards in three categories: "Annual Favorite Award", "Annual Excellence Award" and "Annual Diligence Award". Lasting more than four months, the event included application, online voting and final review. Through online voting by 7.5 million users and strict reviews by 50 industrial experts and over 3,000 agricultural machinery cooperatives, Yuchai stood out to garner four awards: "Ten Most Competitive Agricultural Machinery Brands", "Ten Most Satisfactory Brands for Agricultural Machinery After-sales Service", "20 Favorite Agricultural Machinery Parts Brands" and "Ten Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Products". Yuchai won the most important award--"Ten Most Competitive Agricultural Machinery Brands" as a parts supplier, while the other winners of the award were all agricultural machinery manufacturers.

In 2014, through its leading product technologies, innovative services and effective exploration of segments in the agricultural machinery industry, driven by agricultural machinery manufacturers and the terminal market, Yuchai achieved agricultural diesel engine sales of over 80,000 units. With brilliant performance, it deserves these awards which consolidated its role as the preferred power supplier for agricultural equipment.

(Li Chun)

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