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YHI's "A Tree-removing Device for Hydraulic Excavators" obtains national patent for invention

On November 28, "A Tree-removing Device for Hydraulic Excavators" declared by Yuchai Heavy Industry Company Limited (YHI) obtained the patent for invention from the State Intellectual Property Office. This is the third patent for invention won by YHI in 2014.

Now big tree transplantation needs manual excavation and root cutting, and cranes are needed for tree loading and planting. With the constant rise in labor costs, the trend of replacing manpower with special machinery has become increasingly significant, and mass tree transplantation work completed manually urgently needs to be mechanized and specialized to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The tree-removing device for hydraulic excavators invented by YHI based on market demand can replace manual operation with mechanization, and efficiently and rapidly accomplish tree excavation and transplantation, so as to increase working efficiency and reduce costs.

(Yao Jian)

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