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Yuchai YC85-8 hydraulic excavator wins CMIIC2014 Customer Satisfaction Award

On November 24, the Award Ceremony of CMIIC2014 China Construction Machinery Internet Conference & Brand Event guided by the China Construction Machinery Industry Association and sponsored by companies including Beijing Up-tech Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Deyuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Fenyi Drive Axle Co., Ltd. took place in Shanghai. Yuchai's YC85-8 hydraulic excavator won the 2014 Customer Satisfaction Award.

YC85 hydraulic excavator is an earthmoving machine for small & medium-scale construction. With functions such as excavation, bulldozing, grappling, drilling and ditch cleaning, it can be widely used in fields such as municipal construction, water conservancy construction and landscaping. Since its launch, YC85 has been praised by customers and welcomed by the market, and been ranked top in market share.


As a new product filling the domestic gap, YC85 is up to domestic leading standards. It applies the principle of hydraulic control and effectively uses "mechanical, electrical and hydraulic" control technology to make it easy to control and comfortable to operate. In terms of monitoring, it uses LCD combination instrument, microcomputer monitoring and sound-light alarm technology, has strong vibration resistance and anti-interference performance, and displays monitoring data accurately and reliably. Overall, it is compact, elegant, comfortable to operate and easy to maintain, and provides broad vision. Its key hydraulic parts such as pump, valve, motor and cylinder were imported from foreign branded manufacturers to ensure high product reliability. On the whole, YC85 has outstanding operation efficiency, strong excavating force, consumes little fuel, and is up to or above relevant standards in terms of indicators such as noise.

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