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Yuchai: The logistics sector should perseveringly advance reforms

To better summarize and refine the management experience in 2014, work out the management strategy for 2015 and determine business indicators, on December 23, Yuchai Logistics held a seminar on strategic transformation and business plan adjustment in the headquarters in Nanning. Among over 50 attendees were Chairman Yan Ping and President Gu Tangsheng of Yuchai Group; Li Ke, general manager of Yuchai Logistics as well as business backbone of Yuchai Logistics' headquarters, branches and subsidiaries.

Yan Ping stressed that logistics transformation must keep pace with the times

Li delivered a keynote speech entitled "Capacity Building Outweighs Market Development". In the speech, he deployed Yuchai Logistics' key tasks for 2015, and elaborated on strengthening headquarters construction and driving the development of branches and subsidiaries. Gu reviewed the performance of the logistics sector in 2014, commented on its existing problems, proposed that Yuchai Logistics' corporate culture construction in 2015 should focus on "wolf culture, family culture and zero tolerance", comprehensively interpreted the three primary strategies ("supply chain integration, air network, ground network") and the three auxiliary strategies ("construction of Nanning base, dedicated network, control and M&A), and noted that the logistics sector should continue to deepen the adjustment of the management structure, renovate the model of branch and subsidiary management and control, work out major plans for policy advancement and strengthen supervision.

Yan commented on Yuchai Group's overall work in 2014, dissected the current economic environment and development trend, noted that logistics transformation must keep pace with the times and the logistics sector should perseveringly advance reforms; stressed that talent construction is the core of advancing the logistics strategy; defined that the group should continue to incline policies to the logistics sector, conduct overall planning of group resources and adjust relevant policies in full support of Yuchai Logistics' development; and proposed that great efforts should be made on cadre style building and a cadre team obeying orders, observing discipline, loving the collective and considering the overall situation should be built up. At last, he expected Yuchai Logistics to advance the set strategy in a steady and orderly manner to live up to the group's great trust of "building a logistics service platform".

(Yin Zhenghua Huang Wei/Photo)

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