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1st group of nine enterprises signs to move in Yuchai New Industrial City

On December 26, during the 2015 Yuchai Annual Suppliers Conference, Yuchai signed contracts on moving in Yuchai New Industrial City with nine enterprises including ZYNP Corporation, Zhejiang Yinlun Machinery Co., Ltd. and China Quanxing Machining Group, meaning that they have been the vanguard moving in the city, marking a major breakthrough in investment promotion for Yuchai New Industrial City.

Present at the ceremony were leaders including Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group; Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) and Zhou Sunhai, vice president of Yuchai Group. Shen Guang, president assistant of Yuchai Group and chairman of Yuchai New Industrial City Company, signed contracts with the nine enterprises on behalf of Yuchai.

Signing ceremony for moving in Yuchai New Industrial City

As the carrier and platform of Yuchai's "second startup" strategy, Yuchai New Industrial City is oriented on providing industrial support to Yuchai, and committed to building a complex new industrial city effectively linking high-end manufacturing and modern service industries, a leading zone driving Guangxi's strategic emerging industries, and a strategic pivot for promoting Yulin and Guangxi to step up new industrialization and make a leap.

Yuchai New Industrial City focuses on bringing in an array of key supporting projects with high technology content, high industrial relevancy, high investment intensity and little pollution to promote supporting industries and form industrial clusters. Yuchai Group has planned and constructed the city under the principles of unified planning, construction, operation, management and promotion. The detailed regulatory plan for city construction has been approved by the municipal government, some 110,000 square meters of engineering grading in Phase 1 has been completed, and the first group of settled enterprises is expected to break ground in the second half of 2015.

While enjoying preferential policies such as the preferential policy for west development, the preferential policy for the Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, Yulin's preferential measures for investing in industrial parks, Yulin's preferential policy for industrial transfer, Yulin's preferential policy for talent introduction and Yulin's interim measures for industrial tax contribution incentive, settled enterprises may enjoy the largest share of matching for Yuchai on the premise of meeting Yuchai's requirements for quality, cost and delivery.

The investment promotion of Yuchai New Industrial City was welcomed by numerous enterprises. The enterprises which signed to move in said that the city's investment model is novel and they were confident of it. Moving in the city is an opportunity for their further development.

Before the signing ceremony, 34 enterprises from around the country attended the investment promotion symposium of Yuchai New Industrial City to discuss the issues concerning move-in. At the symposium, Yan conveyed confidence to the enterprises present, requiring that Yuchai should take full account of its resource advantage, share resources and provide good public services to settled enterprises, and that Yuchai New Industrial City Company should provide logistics services to settled enterprises in coordination with the government and settled enterprises.

(Yang Mingze)

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