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YCSR's independent large-power medium-speed marine engines enter ocean carrier field

Recently, CSR Yuchai Sichuan Engine Co., Ltd. (YCSR) and Shanghai CSR HanGe Shipping Engineering Co., Ltd. (CSR HanGe) have respectively signed purchase contracts with Zhejiang Jianyang Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. and Dalian Yuchai Energy Co., Ltd. (Dalian Yuchai) for frequency conversion propulsion power systems for the 6300DWT ocean carrier and the "Canal Star" demonstration ship. Xu Zongxiang, vice president of CSR Group; Zhou Sunhai, vice president of Yuchai Group; Wang Jinlian, advisor to the China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry; Tang Jian, vice general manager of CCS Chongqing and Zhang Zhengqing, chairman of YCSR delivered speeches at the signing ceremony. Yang Zhanming, general manager of YCSR, presided over the ceremony.

Powered by YCSR's independent NY9210 large-power medium-speed engine up to advanced international standards, the 6300DWT multi-purpose bulk carrier is a double-engine and double-propeller ocean transport ship applicable to non-restricted waters. The project was implemented by ZCHI Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Two ships will be fabricated in Phase 1 with the first delivered in October 2015 and the second delivered in January 2016. Then the ships will change China's complete dependence on foreign-branded medium-speed engines for ocean carriers to achieve the localization of core technologies.

As a "Canal Star" LNG-powered standardized green demonstration ship, the 2000t bulk carrier was fabricated and sold by Dalian Yuchai. The frequency conversion power system independently developed by YCSR includes the LNG gas system, the YC6T gas generating set and CSR HanGe's electrical-propelled frequency conversion system, with a power of 250kW. The first group of two ships will be launched for trial operation in 2015, and the successful implementation of the project will greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of China's inland water transport.

The use of the ship frequency conversion propulsion power pack developed and integrated by YCSR and CSR HanGe in the two projects not only sets a precedent for the entry of China's independent medium-speed engines into the field of special marine transport ships, but also marks the first use of the CSR & Yuchai-branded green power on inland ships.

According to the source, the global offshore engineering equipment has entered a period of adjustment. To shake off the embarrassment of the "emptiness" of China's shipbuilding industry, the country has attached great importance to the development of the shipbuilding and offshore engineering industries, released a series of policies under the guidance of the strategy of building a marine power such as eliminating obsolete ships, expanding demands for official law-enforcement ships, ocean fishing vessels and inland ships, intensifying research and financial support, and implementing application demonstration projects, and provided strong support for maintaining the share of China's shipbuilding industry in the international market and promoting the restructuring, transformation and upgrading of the industry.

YCSR has seized the period of historical opportunity to vigorously develop large-power high-end marine engine series such as NY210 and NY320. Both series can replace imported products and will boost the installation rate and localization rate of China's offshore engineering equipment.

Besides, China's inland water transport is entering a period of transformation and upgrading. 17,000 gasified ships are planned to be fabricated by 2020 to promote energy conservation and environmental protection in inland water transport. YCSR has worked with Dalian Yuchai and CSR HanGe to develop complete "Canal Star" gas generating set frequency conversion power systems, so as to create a new economic growth point for YCSR while advancing the construction of China's project of "gasifying the Yangtze River and greening the canal".

(Fu Wei/Wang Pengyu)

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