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Market inventory of Yuchai engines in Greater Mekong Sub-region to exceed 100,000 units

Government support and enterprise operation has become the theme of economic cooperation in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. After years of operation, Guangxi's enterprises including Yuchai have made remarkable achievements in this region: By November 2014, the market inventory of Yuchai engines in this region had exceeded 90,000 units including over 10,000 units in Vietnam, and the annual inventory of Yuchai engines in this region is expected to exceed 100,000 units in 2014.

Yuchai's success in the Greater Mekong Sub-region has been primarily attributable to government support and friendly non-governmental exchanges. Particularly, the China-ASEAN Expo has opened a window for ASEAN merchants to get to know Yuchai. Besides, through other channels such as international exhibitions, advertising and marketing, Yuchai has constantly enhanced its overseas popularity and attracted hosts of potential customers and partners. China Guangxi (Vietnam) Commodity Fair is a major channel for Yuchai to "go out". At every edition of the fair, Yuchai would launch appropriate outstanding products according to Vietnam's geographical environment and Vietnamese consumers' preferences. At the 8th edition last year, Yuchai engines shone again with the five series on show attracting a lot of distributors, machinery plants and consumers. Years of operation has laid a solid foundation for Yuchai's further development in the Greater Mekong River Basin. In terms of product adaptability, Yuchai's products have been applied in a wide range of fields such as generating set, mining dumper, bus, truck and ship.

To ensure product service quality, Yuchai has established a perfect marketing service network in Southeast Asia. Of the six overseas offices in Southeast Asia, there are three in the Greater Mekong River Basin, i.e. Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar offices. Yuchai has established consolidated parts storages and a huge parts network in Vietnam, and promised to deliver parts to northern customers within 8 hours and to southern customers within 20 hours.

By virtue of the model of "external connection and interworking" and its advantage, Yuchai has achieved leapfrog development in the Greater Mekong River Basin. In 2014, the number of Yuchai engines exported to Myanmar exceeded the total number exported to Myanmar in the previous years; in Thailand, Yuchai engines became local tour buses' standard equipment; in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, the penetrating volume of Yuchai engines exceeded 10,000 units, hitting a new high.

(Song Yonggeng/Guangxi Daily)

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