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Transforming for breakthrough: Yuchai Machinery holds suppliers conference

On December 26, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) held Yuchai Machinery 2015 Annual Suppliers Conference under the theme of "Transforming for breakthrough" in Changsha, Hunan Province. Over 400 supplier representatives from around the country discussed issues such as how to pass the inspections of the national IV standard for truck power and the national V standard for gas power with Yuchai. With the spirit of pragmatism and reform, the conference delivered panel discussions, symposiums and supplier trainings. Yuchai Machinery reached further consensuses with suppliers on future common development in exchanges and learning. Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Machinery and other corporate leaders were present.

In 2014, Yuchai Machinery positively faced the new normal of the economy with suppliers, withstood the pressure from industrial competition, achieved outstanding results, remained ahead in engine sales and continued to increase its market share.

Yan attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said the year of 2014 was extraordinary to Yuchai which has faced the complicated economic environment in recent years. Despite economic growth slowdown and weak domestic demand in 2014, Yuchai Machinery's business benefit and product reserves were considerable, and the elite team achieved a breakthrough in system reengineering. The situation in the first half of 2015 will remain grim according to the current situation, thus the enterprise should face the new normal of the economy calmly and initiatively adapt to the new normal.

Yan noted that Yuchai won by quality services, fast response, flexible mechanisms and fine corporate culture in the past, but these are far from being enough. Yuchai will actively push forward the reforms of R & D, quality, management, logistics and the supplier system. Of these reforms, the reform of the supplier system is very important. In the next period, Yuchai will release more measures in the reform of the supplier system and endeavor to create a supplier system culture of equality, justice and mutual respect.

Referring to supplier system construction, Yan thought that Yuchai should truly incorporate the supplier system into the corporate system for synchronous construction, and conduct quantitative assessment of the concrete content of synchronous construction; should better reflect the principle of public competition, properly balance the interests of Yuchai Machinery and parts suppliers, and adhere to the principle that whoever develop and invest will benefit to encourage suppliers willing to invest and improve technologies to develop and improve synchronously; and should reformulate assessment standards, design standards and access rules, and significantly reform the supplier evaluation and assessment system. Based on this, Yuchai will push forward the reform of the purchase concept, the purchase system culture and the great system. From this year on, Yuchai will spend three years bringing Yuchai's operation quality and product competitiveness to a new level.

Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery, introduced the company's business situation in 2014 and its business target in 2015, and answered the generic problems proposed by suppliers in panel discussions. He said Yuchai would perseveringly implement strategies such as "eliminating early faults, forbidding reusing nonconforming parts and substantially extending the B10 life", gradually incorporate them into the life cycle management of products, advance quality assurance to the procedures of R & D and supply, and tighten product consistency control. Chen Ningbin, vice general manager of Yuchai Machinery, delivered a keynote report on lean supply chain construction, quality, cost, delivery, etc.

With lean manufacturing, technology, quality, national IV/V capacity and investment promotion of Yuchai New Industrial City as subjects, for the purpose of equal exchange, problem resolving, common improvement and common development, the conference delivered panel discussions and symposiums. The suppliers actively offered opinions and suggestions on building the best supplier system and the construction of Yuchai New Industrial City. Based on its practice, Zhejiang Liming Engine Parts Co., Ltd. introduced its experience in lean manufacturing; Ichiho Yamada, manufacturing director of Yuchai Machinery, gave training in the situation and future direction of Yuchai's lean manufacturing.

The conference commended the outstanding suppliers. Seven suppliers including Zhejiang Liming Engine Parts Co., Ltd. won the "Lean Award", nine suppliers including ASIMCO Meilian Braking Systems (Langfang) Co., Ltd. won the "Collaboration Award", eight suppliers including Prestolite Electric (Beijing) Ltd. won the "Quality Award" and 12 suppliers including Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd were honored as "Outstanding Suppliers".

(Yang Mingze)

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