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YMP's project of manufacturing and developing key parts of high-horsepower marine diesel engines commenced

On January 9, under the clear sky, in a gentle breeze, as the festive salute sounded, the project of manufacturing and developing key parts of high-horsepower marine diesel engines implemented by Yuchai Machinery Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (YMP) was commenced at Yuchai Industrial Park. Present at the commencement ceremony were Xu Jianjun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yuzhou District Committee and deputy chief of Yuzhou District; He Haigao, deputy chief of Yuzhou District and Liang Qingyan, vice general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) and chairman of YMP.

Located at Yuchai Industrial Park adjacent to Yulin-Bobai Highway (Provincial Highway 216), with an area of 300 mu, the project is proposed to comprise six functional zones: technical center, equipment and trial-manufacturing workshop, cylinder block & cover workshop, crankshaft & chassis workshop, oil sump & flywheel workshop and work shift building. The project will construct production lines such as full-automatic sand-coated mould casting of crankshafts, cylinder block and cover castings of marine diesel engines, oil sump stamping and welding, water-cooling vent pipe and chassis castings, so as to develop an annual production capacity of 1 million crankshaft blanks, 400,000 cylinder blocks and covers, 800,000 oil sumps, 50,000 vent pipes and 20,000 tons of chassis castings.

Liang addressed the ceremony. He said that the high-horsepower project is a transformation and upgrading project of YMP as well as a major move of YMP to implement Yuchai Group's strategy of second startup. The project will boost YMP's equipment level and production capacity. In the future. YMP will conduct elaborate organization and deployment, arrange the schedule in a scientific manner and conduct quality construction so as to complete the project and put it into production as soon as possible, and make its due contribution to the implementation of Yuzhou's strategy of "invigorating the district by industry", Yuchai Group's second startup and local economic development.

He extended congratulations on project commencement on behalf of the Yuzhou District Government. The project's implementation will change the situation that Yuzhou values commerce above industry, and accomplish the transformation and upgrading of Yuzhou's industrial structure, he said, pledging that the CPC Yuzhou District Committee and the Yuzhou District Government will continue to provide fast and considerate services for project construction, and comprehensively ensure that project is initiated, completed and put into production through the "five-one" work mechanism, so as to build the project into a model project in Yuzhou.

According to the source, the project is a key project implemented by YMP in the context of fast development of the marine power market in recent years. Sophisticated equipment such as precision CNC machining centers, CNC boring-milling machines, automatic pouring equipment and stamping equipment detection instruments will be purchased for the project to enhance product competitiveness and bring Yuchai's large-horsepower marine power business to a new level.

(Song Yonggeng)

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