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YHI's "independent control unit for back-up buzzer" wins patent for invention

On January 7, the "independent control unit for back-up buzzer" declared by Yuchai Heavy Industry Company Limited (YHI) won a patent for invention from the State Intellectual Property Office.

Back-up buzzer control units installed on mechanical excavators have always used the structure of fuel line control: install a fuel line inductor at the control outlet of the running fuel line of the multi-tandem valve, and create back-up buzzing signals through the induction of the fuel line, to produce the effect of back-up buzzing. This back-up buzzer control unit is structurally complex and hard to maintain.

To improve the situation, YHI invented an independent control unit for back-up buzzer. In the form of current control, the unit can not only simplify the structure of the back-up buzzer control system, but also ensure the buzzer's sensitivity. The unit has advantages such as sensitive buzzing, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, stable performance, long useful life and wide application.

(Yao Jian)

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