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Yuchai releases several new engines to continuously advance reform & innovation

On January 24, Marketing & Service Conference 2015 of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. 10 newly-launched engines during the conference, including national IV, national V, Euro VI and off-road T3 diesel engines and national V gas engines.

In 2014, facing unfavorable situations such as mounting pressure from economic downturn and serious weakness of market demand, Yuchai Machinery forged ahead against all odds, with its output and sales remaining ahead in the industry and its market share continuing to grow. Its truck and bus engine sectors remained advantageous, and its newly-developed field of heavy-duty and light-duty engines grew steadily; its marine engine sector grew by 6.5 percent amid the industrial slump; its agricultural engines became "preferred agricultural equipment"; and its engine exports grew by record 12 percent.

2014 saw a switch from the national IV emission standard for diesel engines to the national V emission standard. By virtue of its technical advantage, Yuchai completed the advancement of its operations in the national IV market and new product introduction, and rapidly increased the production of national IV diesel engines and national V gas engines. In late 2014, Yuchai won the first Euro VI diesel engine order, marking the successful marketization of Euro VI diesel engines.

Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group, said, with a focus on industrial restructuring, under the principles of flexible operation and benefit first, Yuchai will advance the second startup in an all-round manner in 2015. In 2015, Yuchai will speed up its internationalization and has achieved substantial breakthrough in strategic cooperation with some internationally renowned enterprises. Also, Yuchai will push forward reforms, innovation and system reengineering unswervingly, strive to complete system upgrading within around three years, optimize its production, organization, R & D, marketing and service systems, improve quality and enhance efficiency, so as to grow strong.

(Sun Yuan/China Quality Daily)

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