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Yuchai releases 10 newly-launched engines

On the afternoon of January 24, during Yuchai Machinery Marketing & Service Conference 2015 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) delivered a new product release conference, unveiling 10 newly-launched engines. These engines include National IV, National V, Euro VI and off-road T3 diesel engines, and National V gas engines.

At the release conference, Yuchai Machinery presented three diesel engines up to the T3 emission standard: YC6J-T30, YC4D-T30 and YC4A-T30. YC6J-T30 and YC4D-T30 are both desired power for construction machinery. With a displacement of 6.494L and a power range of 92-132kW, YC6J-T30 suits construction machinery such as 30 loaders, 20-26T excavators, 7-13m3 air compressors, 22-25T road rollers and 7-16T forklifts. With a displacement of 4.214L and a power range of 58-74.5kW, YC4D-T30 suits construction machinery such as 20 loaders, 12-18T excavators and 4-5T forklifts.

With a displacement of 4.837L and a power range of 59-118kW, YC4A-T30 is specific to agricultural equipment. In efficient full-flow design, the cooling system was improved significantly on the basis of the traditional 4A engine to increase the heat exchange efficiency by over 30 percent. Using a mechanical in-line pump with high injection pressure, the EGR technology and an alternative high-end rotor pump fuel system, it is up to the off-road national III emission standard, is superior in fuel consumption, and suits agricultural equipment such as 90-160hp rice & wheat combines, three & four-row corn combines and 70-130hp tractors.

Since launching the first national IV diesel engine at home in 2006, Yuchai has kept optimizing and improving its products in national V segments to enhance the cost performance of products. The YC4FQ-48 diesel engine released this time is a new product launched by Yuchai in the light-duty truck field in 2015. The moment Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery uncovered the cloth, all visitors cast their eyes to the economical national IV vehicle engine applicable to 5T- light-duty trucks. With a displacement of 2.5L and a power of 65kW, based on YC4FA, the engine has significantly improved its cost performance through measures such as lightweight design and cooling system optimization. Featuring the technologies of high pressure common rail, EGR, DOC and DPF, it has characteristics such as high cost performance, high reliability and good parts universality.

National V products were also presented during the release conference today. With a displacement of 2.2L and a power range of 75-120kW, YC4Y22-50 suits light-duty buses, light-duty trucks, pickups, SUVs and MPVs; with a displacement of 3.76L and a power range of 96-125kW, YC4S-50 is ideal power for medium & high-end 5-8T trucks and 7-8m buses; with a displacement of 4.73L and a power range of 103-147kW, YC4EG-50 suits 7.3-9m buses and 4×2 medium & light-duty highway vehicles; with a displacement of 10.3L and a power range of 220-309kW, YC6MK-50 is desired power for coaches, buses and trucks; with a power range of 66-85kW, YC4FAN-50 suits special vehicles such as 6-7m buses, 4×2 urban logistics vehicles and municipal sanitation trucks as a gas engine for light-duty vehicles.

Yuchai Machinery also brought a Euro VI diesel engine--YC6L-60 to the release conference. With a power range of 177-243kW, the engine is a high-end one based on the 6L platform. As preferred power for high-end 10-12m buses and 25-40T trucks, it features medium-intensity EGR cooling, innovative DPF and efficient SCR, and uses an advanced heat emission management system. According to the source, Yuchai successfully developed power up to equal technical standards. After more than three years' preparations for industrialization, Yuchai has been able to launch the product in volume.

Among other attendees were corporate leaders including Vice General Manager Zhong Yuwei, Vice General Manager Wang Limin and Acting Vice General Manager Tan Guirong of Yuchai Machinery, leaders of over 20 machinery plants, representatives of distributors and service stations from across the country, as well as over 20 media outlets such as China Automotive News, China Industry News, China Communications News and China Quality Daily.

(Chen Xiaoxiao)

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