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Yuchai Petronas Annual Distributors & Marketing Conference 2015 held in Wuhan

On January 26, Yuchai Petronas Annual Distributors & Marketing Conference 2015 was held in Wuhan under the theme of "Perfecting channels, developing terminals, winning markets". Leaders of Yuchai Petronas Lubricants Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Petronas), directors of sales regions and directors of representative offices, and distributor representatives from around the country got together to summarize the marketing work in 2014 and discuss the development in 2015.

The conference summarized the marketing work in 2015, looked into the highlights and defects of the company's marketing work in 2014 and came up with the marketing strategy in 2015. In 2014, Yuchai Petronas achieved a sales volume of 72,000 tons and collected sales of 1.4 billion yuan, up 6 percent and 11 percent year on year respectively. The biggest highlight in 2014 is that the company achieved breakthrough in segments, with its sales of gas engine oil and YC AdBlue vehicle urea solution up 48 percent and 600 percent year on year respectively. Also, the company made remarkable progress in work such as terminal development, major customer development and distributor training.

During the conference, Li Qibang, general manager of Yuchai Petronas, announced the marketing strategy for 2015. He noted that the company's sales target is 92,000 tons in 2015. To fulfill the target, he elaborated on the company's marketing policy for 2015--"management drive, product push and market pull". Also, he introduced the company's marketing strategy for 2015 to the distributors present in the aspects of product, brand and channel.

At the conference, Xie Yuqiang, chairman of Yuchai Petronas, delivered a concluding speech under the theme of "defining direction, recognizing key points and seeking collaboration". In terms of target and direction, he noted that the company achieved sales of 72,000 tons in 2014, but the sales of high-grade oil remained around 50,000 tons, the company should achieve key breakthrough in 2015 to increase its total sales; in terms of strategies, he proposed that "five strategies" (terminal development, terminal maintenance, terminal promotion, development fund accumulation and business training) should be applied to "two links (level-1 distributors and terminal repair plants) and four types of personnel (distributors' bosses, distributors' salespersons, repair plants' bosses and repair plants' maintainers". Also, he shared his thought and analysis of the Chinese lubricant market.

That day, Yuchai Petronas commended and rewarded an array of distributors with outstanding contributions to corporate sales, and presented certificates of honor to them.

(Lu Congmei)

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