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Y & C-developed 6K gas generating sets for ENN's 200m3 mobile charging vessel accepted

On January 29, the acceptance meeting of 6K gas generating sets for 200m? mobile charging vessel organized by ENN Energy Holdings Limited (ENN), the Changjiang Ship Design Institute, Zhenjiang Shipyard, the Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute and Y & C Engine Co., Ltd. (Y & C Engine) was held at Y & C Engine. As a result, two 6K gas generating sets of Y & C Engine for mobile charging vessels were accepted. This means that 6K as generating sets will be installed on ENN's 200m? inland mobile charging vessels to fill a gap of Y & C Engine in the mobile charging vessel market.

Sources said ENN is one of China's largest clean energy distributors. In 2013, Y & C Engine had its products installed on ENN's sand pump dredgers on the Luoma Lake, and was acclaimed by ENN for its outstanding product quality and services. In September 2014, Y & C Engine signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with ENN and won the project of mobile charging vessel matching.

The acceptance means that Y & E Engine has had the capacities for application and development of vessel-specific gas generating sets, including the capacity for independent application and development of gas generation systems, the capacity for independent calibration of gas generating sets and the capacity for independent development of special gas engine control cabinets.

(Nong Naiguang/Xiong Qianqian)

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