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Construction project of Guangxi Yulin Public Technical Service Platform for Test andDetection of Internal Combustion Engine Parts accepted

On January 31, led by Lu Danghong, deputy chief of the Finance Division of the Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (GXDC), a delegation of 16 members including leaders and experts of relevant entities such as GXDC, Yulin Bureau of Commerce and Yulin Finance Bureau accepted the "construction project of Guangxi Yulin Public Technical Service Platform for Test and Detection of Internal Combustion Engine Parts" undertaken by Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. The acceptance group heard a project report by the Planning Department of Yuchai Group, considered project construction meets relevant requirements, project materials are complete and fund use was rational after field inspection, thus approving of acceptance by consensus.

The built-up of the platform has accomplished the improvement in the quantity and quality of test and detection indicators of internal combustion engine parts, which is of great significance to expanding Yuchai's share in the international market, increasing its foreign exchange earnings in export, further improving the technical level and product quality of internal combustion engines and engine parts manufactured by "Yulin's base for advanced equipment manufacturing and trade technology innovation", and advancing the industrial leap and development of Guangxi.

In the future, Yuchai will strengthen the standardized construction of the platform, further enhance its publicity, serviceability and foreign trade function, build first-class management and technical platforms, and transform its technical advantage into the practical capability of serving industrial development, so as to build the platform into a domestic top and internationally leading public technical service platform for test and detection of internal combustion engine parts, said Zhou Sunhai, vice president of Yuchai Group.

(Wang Chongjie)

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