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Yuchai holds marketing system optimization training to improve team quality

From February 7 to 9, the sales system of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) gave targeting training to the marketing staff just returning from domestic and overseas offices, thereby improving their business ability and comprehensive quality. The training covered key products to be launched in 2015, products and technologies of national IV diesel oil engines and national V gas engines, safety, anti-corruption, marketing service, etc.

In the current engine field, industrial technologies are changing with each passing day, service requirements have become increasingly high, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. To survive fierce competition, marketing staff should be knowledgeable, versatile and specialized. Thus, the sales company has vigorously practiced marketing capacity improvement trainings in recent years. In 2014 alone, the company worked out over 30 marketing courses based on the actual demands of marketing staff and the market to subdivide and broaden learning content. These courses cover fields such as service policies, product technologies and management requirements. All offices organized corresponding unified trainings monthly for salespersons based on their demands to help them master products and technologies, thus facilitating marketing.

At the training, the trainers dissected Yuchai's key products to be launched this year, and introduced products and technologies of national IV diesel oil engines and national V gas engines, so as to lay a knowledge foundation for salespersons to know national IV products and technologies in depth and meet the full switch to national IV emission standards for trucks this year. In the service session, the domestic and overseas service staff carried out business and technical exchanges, and interpreted products and service policies in 2015

As a pilot unit for the training system construction of Yuchai Machinery, in the year to come, the sales company will vigorously advance the training system construction of the marketing system, work out specific training plans for posts such as office director, marketing manager and service manager, and develop corresponding courses to improve salespersons' business ability and quality in a more systematic and standardized manner.

(Liang Pingping)

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