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Yuchai rewards foreign experts with 120,000 yuan

On February 15, Yuchai held a New Year gathering in celebration of the Year of the Goat. During the gathering, Yan Ping, chairman of Yuchai Group, issued an amount of 120,000 yuan to Yuchai's foreign expert--Ichiho Yamada in reward for his outstanding contribution to Yuchai over the year.

Ichiho Yamada (R) delivered a speech

Yuchai has gone global steadily in recent years. During its globalization, Yuchai introduced three Japanese experts along with internationally advanced management ideas, lean concepts and improvement methods in 2014, and worked on QCD improvement in an all-round manner, so as to improve its capacity for systematic management, manufacturing level and quality level. Ichiho Yamada is a Japanese expert at lean manufacturing. In 2014, guided by him, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. set the overall objective of "making Yuchai's production efficiency up to world top standards", initially constructed the framework of the lean manufacturing system (YCPS), and established over 30 lean projects hierarchically. Sources said these projects have achieved financial benefits of over 20 million yuan.

Yamada was delighted and surprised about these achievements. According to him, it has been more than a year since he began to work on lean improvement with Yuchai's constructors, and he felt a lot of difficulties and obstacles in this process. With the concerted efforts of everybody, practical results were achieved eventually. While achieving some results, he has keenly felt the toughness of his Chinese colleagues and the warmth of working with them. He expected to work with them to make Yuchai's production system up to world top standards in the coming three years.

Yan appreciated the great efforts of the management team including Yamada. In 2014, Yuchai's management team forged ahead against all odds so as to achieve a business breakthrough, subsidiaries such as Yuchai Petronas had strong business performance, Yuchai Heavy Industry Company Limited accomplished a smooth transition, and Yuchai Group began to develop healthily and steadily, he said. In 2015, Yuchai will further optimize and upgrade its production, organization, R & D, marketing and service systems, make great efforts to improve quality and increase efficiency, vigorously advance the strategy of innovation-driven development, cement strategic cooperation with competitive international enterprises, improve its capacity for international operation, and actively develop the international market, so as to fulfill the group's dream of globalization, he added.

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