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Yuchai Machinery holds passenger vehicle work summary & arrangement meeting
Redefine passenger vehicles, seek breakthrough in passenger vehicle commercialization

According to data released by Sohu Automobile Research Office, domestic passenger vehicle sales exceeded 19 million units in 2014 in a broad sense. How to have a share in the huge auto market? According to Yang Qian, manager of the Department of Passenger Vehicle Engine Marketing, Yuchai Sales Co., Ltd., after the department's market exploration for nearly two years, and its repeated discussions with the planning department, the R & D department and the marketing department, the department's direction has become clear gradually. In the future, the department will follow the trend of passenger vehicle commercialization to seek the new development of Yuchai's passenger vehicle engine business.

Meeting scene

From the successful ignition of 4W engines in 2004, to the successful offline of 4Y20 Euro IV engines in 2011, to the R & D and upgrading of 4Y20/4Y22 Euro V engines in 2014, Yuchai has initially created a diesel engine platform for passenger vehicles.

Yuchai is still at a stage of market development in the passenger vehicle engine field. Yuchai mainly sold 4F engines and a small part of 4W engines in 2014, whose sales were far from the company's sales target of 90,000 units in five years. When asked the key challenge faced by Yuchai in passenger vehicle engine sales, Zhang Liyuan, business manager of the Department of Passenger Vehicle Engine Marketing, said, "The biggest difficulty we face in passenger vehicle engine sales is no products for marketing. Our products and platforms are single."

YC4W engine

Despite challenges, Yuchai still stand a good chance according to market data and analysis. According to a source from the passenger vehicle work summary and arrangement meeting of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) on February 9, with the constant upgrading of emission regulations and the implementation of the Limits of Passenger Vehicle Fuel Consumption released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Yuchai Machinery was optimistic about the sales growth of passenger vehicle engines in 2015.

In the future, to ensure products' market competitiveness, based on the characteristics of matched vehicles in market segments, the passenger vehicle sector of Yuchai Machinery will follow the trend of passenger vehicle commercialization, target the market of passenger vehicle commercialization involving van trucks, light buses and light trucks, develop overseas markets based on the company's overseas system, actively expand matching platforms, establish a perfect market information system and strengthen market control, thus removing bottleneck and achieving due breakthrough in the passenger vehicle engine market.

(Yang Mingze)

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