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Yuchai marine engines show up at Europort Istanbul to kick off march towards Europe

Europort Istanbul 2015 opened on February 14 when China was immersed in the festive atmosphere, and ran from the morning of February 14 to the night of February 22 Local Time. The Marine Power Division of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. joined hands with ES-KA, Turkey to present six Yuchai marine engines led by YC6C and YC6T, and including 6MJ, 6MK, 6A and 4F.

During the exhibition, ES-KA signed intent-based orders for over 30 units with customers, most of which are 6T and 6C large marine engines, making Yuchai Machinery one of the most attractive engine brands in the exhibition. 6C made its debut at the exhibition, and became the most eye-catching product in the hall by its grand appearance and outstanding quality.

Located at the border of Europe and Asia, with huge market potential, Turkey is up to the standards of moderately developed countries in terms of economic development. As many of Turkey's engine standards are close to European standards, for example, Turkish marine engines will implement IMO's Tier III emission standards next year, winning the Turkish market will be a door opener and touchstone for Yuchai's marine engines to enter higher-end markets, and promote the constant perfection and upgrading of Yuchai's products. After Yuchai's successful debut at the exhibition, it is believed that more fishermen will become Yuchai's customers, and more Yuchai-powered ships will appear in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean and farther waters.

(Zong Li)

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