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Yuchai Petronas wins Award for New Internationally Renowned Lubricant Brand in China

Organized by, Lubricant Market and the 15th China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition, the Award Ceremony of the "2014 Annual List of China's Lubricant Industry" was held in Beijing in late 2014. Due to its outstanding market performance and product quality, Yuchai Petronas won two awards: New Internationally Renowned Lubricant Brand in China and 2014 Most Popular Automobile Lubricant Brand.

The Annual List of China's Lubricant Industry is the largest and most influential national selection in the lubricant industry. Under the theme of "Cheering the Chinese dream" and the principles of "fairness, justness, openness, welfare and professionalism", the selection innovated the selection model from three dimensions: product, brand and market, to expand its influence in industries such as automobile manufacturing, construction machinery, power, petrochemical, cement, mine, machine tool and metal processing, logistics transport and automobile maintenance, and among agents and vehicle owners. Thus, since the selection was open for application in early May 2014, over 60 industrially renowned brands such as Yuchai, Shell, Mobil, Castrol, Total, Great Wall and Monarch have participated in the event and offered support, getting 186,280 public votes in total.

Several mainstream media outlets such as Tencent, Sohu, For Repair & Maintenance and Commercial Motor World covered the event.

(Wang Ningjie)

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