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Yuchai's engineers & technicians vow to fulfill production targets in 2015

On March 2, Yuchai Group's engineer and technician representatives gathered at Engine Plant 4 for an oath-taking conference, vowing to fulfill the production targets and vigorously advance the second startup in 2015.

Engineers and technicians are Yuchai's major production forces. For many years, they have made innovation on their posts, aimed to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce costs, initiatively learned new knowledge, mastered new skills, and driven workers around to work innovatively, thus making remarkable contributions to Yuchai's R & D power and manufacturing power improvements. In 2014, they worked on 88 projects and resolved a lot of production problems for the enterprise.

2015 is a critical year for Yuchai to comprehensively advance the "second startup", enhance core competitiveness, and press ahead with transformation and upgrading. Facing severe challenges and new objectives, Yuchai's engineers and technicians full of pride determined to jointly achieve breakthroughs in national IV emission standards for trucks, national V emission standards for gas vehicles, off-road T3 emission standards, quality improvement and cost control, so as to create a lean manufacturing system of Yuchai. In light of job actualities and production bottleneck, they will make thorough improvement, boldly explore good solutions, form and widely popularize technologies and unique operation skills, so as to sharpen workers' operation skills, improve the capacity for field collaboration, and ensure the fulfillment of the annual production targets.

Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., attended the oath-taking conference. He analyzed the current severe market situation with engineers and technicians, and stressed the importance of enhancing Yuchai's core competitiveness such as product quality, R & D power and manufacturing power. Engineers and technicians are main forces for the enhancement, he said, expecting them to jointly overcome hardships and difficulties, work in a refined, practical and specialized manner, and fight for the fulfillment of Yuchai's annual targets and the implementation of the strategy of "second startup".

(Wen Zhenghua)

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