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Igniting passion for mass entrepreneurship through constant reforms & innovation
--Exclusive interview with Yan Ping, chairman of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Premier Li Keqiang noted in the government work report that efforts should be made to build twin engines--mass entrepreneurship and innovation, increased supply of public goods and services. Compared to last year, a hot keyword appeared in the government work report this year: mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Yan Ping posed with the reporter Zheng Yanying for a photo

Over the past six months, mass entrepreneurship and innovation has become one of the most frequent words in the administration of the government. Premier Li Keqiang issued a public call for mass entrepreneurship and innovation earliest at Summer Davos Forum in September 2014. He noted that a new tide of mass innovation and grass-roots entrepreneurship should be set off on a territory of 9.6 million square kilometers, so as to create a new situation of mass innovation.

In an interview from, Yan Ping, an NPC deputy, chairman of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., said mass innovation has become an inevitable choice of the new normal economy.

As the leader of Yuchai Group, Yan Ping has never ceased its pace of innovation. He said, some new problems have emerged for Yuchai Group's systems, products and core competitiveness reserves during its rapid development in recent years. Obviously the enterprise's product orders have encountered a new challenge in the new normal. The challenge is twofold: one the one hand, the enterprise has not seen a massive increase in orders stimulated by the four-trillion-yuan package in the past; on the other hand, China's energy conservation, emission reduction and economic restructuring have posed new requirements for the enterprise's products. Thus, Yuchai Group mapped out the strategy of second startup focusing on transformation and upgrading early last year to adapt to the development requirements of the new economic normal.

Yan thought that the ultimate purpose of the second startup is to bring corporate competitiveness to a higher level in the new economic normal.

"We adhere to the principle of 'recovery and abandonment', 'recovery' is recovering something in which we have core products, concentrate talents on and have the right of speech, and 'abandonment' is abandoning something which consumes much energy, has little technology content and is not supported by the country through restructuring. So our biggest dream is to increase the overseas market share of overseas engines to around 20 percent in three to five years to truly reflect the fundamental objective of bringing our products to the world." Yan said.

In the second startup over the year, Yuchai Group's industrial health and competitiveness has been boosted.

Today which sees mass entrepreneurship and innovation, being instructed by winners may be one of the most precious experiences of an entrepreneur during entrepreneurship.

What are Yan's feelings and experiences from corporate innovation to personal entrepreneurship and innovation? How do the young people aspiring for entrepreneurship realize their value and dreams? Yan said that the current young people have changed greatly in entrepreneurial concepts and value orientation in the new historical conditions and situation. In the past, most young people chose government offices, but young people value the realization of self-value and are more flexible in job choice. In choice of industries, most young people choose some promising industries highly geared to the market, and the country has established better guidance systems in terms of policies and support funds to promote youth entrepreneurship to a large degree.

"It is better to act early in entrepreneurship," Yan said, adding, "The government should give guidance, support entrepreneurs in such aspects as policies and funds, and extensively organize social organizations and labor unions at all levels to care about and support entrepreneurship. Some outstanding entrepreneurs should assume their own responsibilities, and provide guidance for youth entrepreneurship within their abilities, to create a favorable entrepreneurial atmosphere. Only in this way can the passion for mass entrepreneurship be ignited."

(Li Yuan/Zheng Yanying/

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