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Yuchai takes lead to accomplish marketization of homemade Euro VI engines

Good news came to Yuchai hot on the heels of New Year's Day in 2015 that it has got an order for 587 national V gas engines and 48 Euro VI diesel engines in the bus engine tender of Beijing Public Transport Group (BPTG) in 2014. All these engines will be installed on Foton buses and be operated by BPTG's subsidiary--Bafangda. This is the first Euro VI engine order got by Yuchai as well as China's first Euro VI engine order to be launched on the market, marking the marketization of China-made Euro VI engines.

Yuchai's strategic heavy-duty engines--YC6L, YC6MK and YC6K gas engines were all involved in the successful bid, and the Euro VI diesel engines involved are the first batch of its kind in the country. Yuchai was the only Chinese brand among the manufacturers which won the bids for Euro IV engines. The launch of Euro VI engines up to the highest international emission standards means that Yuchai has been up to advanced international standards in terms of emission control and kept leading the emission upgrading of the domestic engine industry. Additionally, the first-time installation of the YC6K13N national V gas engine on buses and its entry into China's most important bus market--Beijing have further enriched the spectrum of heavy-duty engines in the bus market and boosted the influence of 6K engines in the bus market.

The tender is the second time that BPTG has purchased gas engines in large volume after the purchase in late 2012 and the first time that BPTG has chosen Euro VI diesel engines. Yuchai got orders for nearly 1,700 units in the two tenders, accounting for 35 percent of all gas engines involved ahead of other engine manufacturers getting gas engine orders from Bafangda. For a long time, imported engines have accounted for a large share of engines used by BPTG. As a pacesetter in the domestic engine industry and a representative of domestic engine manufacturers, Yuchai has achieved brilliant results in BPTG's previous tenders, which further proves its superiorities in technology and emission.

Engine emission upgrading involves core engine technologies such as electronic control, combustion and performance and emission control. The Euro VI emission regulations which came into effect in 2013 are considered one of the world's currently strictest harmful vehicle emission regulations. Early on June 29, 2011, Yuchai launched China's first Euro VI vehicle diesel engine--Yuchai 6L-60 Euro VI prototype two stages ahead of the emission regulations. At the press conference that day, a head of the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATRC) announced the test report, confirming that the nitric oxide (NOx) emission and particle emission (key emission indicators) were only 307.3mg/kW.h and 6.5 mg/kW.h respectively as a result of the ESC emission test of the Yuchai 6L-60 Euro VI prototype, far below the limitation of Euro VI emission standards (NOx: 400mg/kW.h, particle emission:10mg/kW.h). The successful development of the prototype marks Yuchai has been capable of independently developing high-efficiency and clean diesel engines in step with the world and has mastered the currently most advanced core combustion technology of diesel engines.

According to a head of Yuchai, Yuchai's scale and status today as an independent diesel engine manufacturer are the results of Yuchai's persistent attention to product R & D. Yuchai has kept to the R & D principles of "leadership and applicability" and "manufacturing a generation, developing a generation and planning a generation". For many years, Yuchai has kept ahead of its domestic peers in every product upgrade whether from the swirl engine to the direct injection engine or from turbocharged engine to the turbocharged inter-cooling engine and to electronically-controlled engine.

Since after successfully developing China's first Euro VI diesel engine prototype in 2011, Yuchai has constantly overcome the technical problems of Euro VI engines such as fuel consumption and durability so as to further improve the technical level of China's engine industry and take a further step towards a world top diesel engine R & D and manufacturing enterprise. With the rise in China's requirements for motor vehicle emission, these technologies will be widely used in fields such as city bus and intercity bus to reduce air pollution and benefit ordinary people.

(Source: Science and Technology Daily)

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