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Yuchai becomes preferred power supplier for service vehicles for NPC & CPPCC annual sessions

"Yuchai has served the NPC and CPPCC annual sessions (the sessions) for the 12th consecutive time this year. Over 70 percent of 7m+ service vehicles were powered by Yuchai. Of Shouqi Group's 216 service vehicles for the sessions, all 131 7m+ buses were powered by Yuchai," Zeng Gong, service manager of Beijing Office of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai) told the reporter proudly.

Then how did Yuchai manage that?

Almost standard equipment, reliable performance

According to the source, in recent 12 years, Yuchai engines have consecutively been the core power of service vehicles for the sessions and the proportion has increased year by year. As "absolute key power", Yuchai engines power over 70 percent of 7m+ buses.

According to the source, the service vehicles for the sessions were mainly provided by Shouqi Group, BAIC Group and United Grescent. Due to the sessions' importance and special significance, the companies were critical of vehicles and their power. You can find Yuchai engines on the vehicles provided by the companies, especially Shouqi. "Not only were all large buses for the sessions powered by Yuchai, other buses also mainly used Yuchai engines." Zeng said. Now Yuchai engines the preferred power and almost standard equipment for Shouqi's 7m+ buses, all large buses newly purchased by Shouqi were powered by Yuchai. This is closely related to the outstanding quality and after-sales services of Yuchai engines.

"12 years of continuous service is the best embodiment of reliable performance," the head of Shouqi told the reporter. They were cautious in vehicle selection, fixed vehicles through rounds of selection and item-by-item comparison, and did not change any fixed vehicle easily to ensure the stability and absolute reliability of service vehicles. "Zero-fault" operation is the minimum requirements of service support for the sessions as well as an important political task concerning brand reputation, which should be taken seriously.

Early preparation of enough parts

According to the source, of service vehicles for the sessions this year, Yuchai-powered vehicles covered 10 hotels for delegates such as Jingxi Hotel, Jintai Hotel, Tianjian Hotel, Beijing International Hotel, Kuntai Hotel and China National Convention Center Grand Hotel. These vehicles include a dozen models from enterprises such as Beijing North Huade Neoplan, Youngman, Yutong, Higer, King Long and Golden Dragon. The wide range of models obviously posed higher requirements for service support. According to Zeng, Yuchai Group attached great importance to service vehicles for the sessions, requiring relevant sides to work out and refine service plans earlier, strengthen department coordination, and go all out for vehicle service support.

"We will lay emphasis on pre-session inspection. Before the Spring Festival of the year of the goat, we conducted a meticulous inspection of fixed service vehicles for the sessions, and removed faults one by one according to the special check list, to eliminate problems in the bud. Meanwhile, we assisted service vehicle providers such as Shouqi Group in vehicle maintenance and driver training. Our technical service staff and engineers also gave technical instruction in some thorny problems on the site to ensure that vehicles are in optimal conditions." For example, vehicle engines are basically electronically-controlled ones currently, engine cleaning is tricky and improper cleaning methods such as washing are prone to potential safety hazards, thus Yuchai's resident engineers and technical service staff visited for instruction and resolved any arising problem immediately.

According to Zeng, Yuchai ensured that pre-session inspection was adequate and that all conventional and required inspection items were not omitted. During the sessions, Yuchai's service team stood by all day around all service stations, made preparations based on the requirements of the emergency plan, was always ready and on call. The service team has 14 members, including an engineer from Yuchai's headquarters in Yulin. This year, Yuchai equipped the team with three service vehicles, each of which is a mobile parts storage loaded with various necessary parts. Also, Yuchai's parts center storage in Daxing can meet any arising demand of vehicles for parts.

"It is stressful. The stress is not because we are unconfident of our product quality, but because the task is really important." Zeng said frankly that none dare to slack off before the end of the sessions, because they know the task admits off no mistake as far as service vehicles are concerned."

"Nevertheless, the service work has been normalized and programmed, the service team has rich service experience, combined with the strong support of Beijing service station, we are confidence of accomplishing the mission," Zeng said.

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