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Yuchai generating engines target Middle East, spread to world
Yuchai generating engines make debut in MEE

On March 2, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center was alive with hubbubs of voices. Middle East Electricity (MEE), an annual event of the UAE, kicked off. Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yuchai Machinery) made its debut with three generating diesel engines: YC6TD, YC6MJ and YC4FA, appearing with numerous international generating power giants.

Tang Zuoxing (2nd R) posed with the visitors for a photo

As a business trade center in the Middle East, Dubai is a key junction connecting the east and the west as well as an important traffic hub leading to West Asia, North Africa and Europe. It influences and radiates some 2 billion people in over 80 countries and regions such as the Middle East, Central Asia and Indian Ocean Rim. Inaugurated in 1975, MME held annually is an influential global professional power and energy exhibition, and was named as one of the world's five major industrial events. Every year, it brings together power enterprises, and presents generating sets, power transmission and transformation equipment, and other power equipment.

In MME 2015, Yuchai's Booth S1L70 was in the international zone which had a grand gathering of world top generating engine and generating set brands, such as Perkins, Cummins, CAT, MTU, Rolls-Royces, Volvo, Scania, Doosan and Coper. Yuchai which represents China's highest manufacturing level of generating engines made its debut with a complete lineup including large, medium and small-power engines, attracting merchants from countries such as Spain, Russia, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria. After inquiring about Yuchai's generating diesel engines, diesel engines for water pumps, generating gas engines and corporate situation, they sang high praise of Yuchai and reached cooperation intentions with Yuchai.

Constructing overseas marketing service network, building an international generating engine brand

With the fast launch of new generating engine series on the market, customers have raised higher requirements for after-sales services, the Marine Power Department of Yuchai has recently stepped up the construction of its overseas marketing service network, enhanced the marketing and service functions of generating engines, improved the capacity for overseas service and sharpened the competitiveness of generating engines on the basis of Yuchai's original overseas marketing service network. In 2014, the department intensified service network and capacity construction at home and abroad, established the section of overseas technical service, and built an array of professional generating engine service stations.

The USA, the EU, the UK and Japan have always been the key export destinations of the Middle East power generator market. With the rise of Chinese generating engine and generating set manufacturers in recent years, the Middle East has become a region of strategic importance to Chinese enterprises. To stay invincible, you must know opponents and yourself. Through the exhibition, Yuchai not only learned advanced enterprises' marketing experience and knew competitive products and opponents, but also displayed its style as a large-sized enterprise and established its popularity as an international brand among numerous internationally renowned peers, offered Middle East, African and European customers a knowledge of Yuchai and its generating engines, and enhanced Yuchai's brand influence.

Joining hands with distributors, targeting the Middle East, spreading to the world

Tang Zuoxing, general manager of the Marine Power Department of Yuchai Machinery, said, with the proposition of the strategic concept of "One Belt, One Road", the Silk Road will become a golden route linking the east to the west and promoting cooperation and exchanges in all aspects, Dubai and the Middle East will create a new historical opportunity for the globalization of Chinese enterprises as the pivots for China's strategy of "One Belt, One Road". Yuchai will seize the development opportunity of the great national strategy, summarize its overseas market experience, determine the new strategic development plan of refined operation and sustainable development, join hands with Yuchai's key generating engine distributors for the exhibition next year, achieve win-win with distributors, target the Middle East, spread to the world and continue to quicken the pace of globalization.

(He Haifeng/Zhong Xiaojun)

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