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Delegation led by Gan Khai Choon visits Yuchai

On March 19, a delegation of over 10 members including Gan Khai Choon, chairman of the Organization of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong; Song Hoi See, vice chairman of the Organization of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and CEO of Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited and Chow Kok Kheong, vice chairman of the Organization of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and head of the Special Assets Department (Credit Department) of Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited visited Yuchai to find out the production, R & D and sales of Yuchai engines.

Accompanied by Vice Chairman He Yongming and General Manager Wu Qiwei of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., the delegation successively visited sites such as the showroom of Power Building, Forge Center, the Test Center of Yuchai R & D Center, Engine Plant 4, Engine Plant 6 and Engine Plant 5, to learn about Yuchai's products as well as procedures such as production, R & D and manufacturing. During the visit, Wu answered the guests' concerns about the R & D cycle and market orientation of Yuchai's products. Following the visit, He and Wu held a meeting with the delegation at the meeting room on the fourth floor of Power Building, exchanging ideas on the competitive edge and market prospect of products, how to cope with the impact of electric vehicles on the bus market, etc.

Wu said that Yuchai's bus engines, large-power marines and gas engines have produced good benefits and the marine engine sector has become a new growth point. With the comprehensive implementation of the national IV emission standard for commercial vehicles this year and the implementation of the off-road T3 emission regulations from April 1, 2016, all engines should be electrically controlled and the industry will be reshuffled. Some small plants with inadequate R & D capacity or weak financial strength will be eliminated by the market. Yuchai will employ its advantage and seize the opportunity to maintain the lead in its competitive segments, make constant improvement and make up deficiencies through product and market portfolios in its weak segments.

Referring to the impact on the bus sector, Wu said the opening of high-speed railways and the launch of electric buses have somewhat impacted on Yuchai's bus engine sector. Yuchai is coping with the situation positively. In terms of new energy, Yuchai is developing hybrid engines and electric engines actively.

On behalf of the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, Gan pledged that they will give a hand whenever Yuchai is in need in Hong Kong.

(Yang Mingze)

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